John Green Announces 'Turtles All The Way Down' Is Becoming A Movie

He welcomes your casting suggestions

If you haven't stopped crying over The Fault In Our Stars, it's time to brace yourself. Best-selling author John Green just announced that his latest novel, Turtles All The Way Down, is (probably) becoming a movie.

That may not sound incredibly promising, but Green has re-teamed with Fox and the same people he worked with on the film adaptations of TFIOS and Paper Towns, so things are looking pretty good for YA fans.

Turtles All The Way Down, Green's first release in six years, centers on Aza, a 16-year-old with obsessive compulsive disorder. Along with her best friend Daisy, Aza attempts to solve the mystery surrounding fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett and collect a $100,000 reward. Green has been open about his own struggle with OCD in the past and considers this novel to be his most personal work to date.

In the announcement, Green said the story "isn't the sort of thing that usually lends itself to film" before revealing that he's been in discussions with his previous collaborators for the past two months to figure out whether the adaptation could actually happen.

"We're gonna give it a try! That doesn't mean that there is definitely going to be a movie, but it means that there might be one," Green said.

Along with the invitation to "begin inundating me with cast suggestions," Green closed the video with an earnest appeal to his fans. "If you care about the book, please know that I will try to listen to you throughout this process," he said.

It may not be a done deal quite yet, but we're going to start thinking of our dream cast and stocking up on tissues just to be safe.