Lady Gaga on Working With New Kids on the Block: 'Oh My God... I'm Gonna Start Hyperventilating'

More than 4,000 fans packed Rockefeller Plaza to witness the New Kids on the Block reascend into the "boyband" (dadband?) stratosphere when they performed live on Today back in May. And they weren't the only ones risking serious vasovagal syncope. Lady Gaga -- or "Lady Gizzle," as Akon refers to the quintessentially New York performance-art-pop star -- had a few breathy, OMG moments of her own when she started working with the New Kids on their upcoming album.

See what Lady Gaga had to say about working with the new New Kids, and check out her first Buzzworthy interview and photos here.

+ Plus: Speaking of collabos, the New Kids are apparently working with Michael Jackson on his new album. Also, Michael Jackson now looks like this, and with that, we are FORCED to resist making a "bad" joke.

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