Marilyn Manson: Sneaker Pimps "Very Confused Individuals"

September 16 [7:55 EDT] -- If you've been following MTV News, you know it's not just the religious right that's been comparing Marilyn Manson's music to crap lately.

Last week, the trip-hop happy Sneaker Pimps had their say about working with Manson on [article id="1447699"]"Long Hard Road Out Of Hell," [550k QuickTime][/article] the track they collaborated on for the "Spawn" soundtrack.

As you may recall ([article id="1431779"]"Marilyn Manson Is No Friend Of The Sneaker Pimps"[/article] from September 9 in the MTV News Online Gallery), Sneaker Pimps' Liam Howe summarized the experience saying, "We had a chance to polish a turd.

His bandmate Kelli Dayton went on to say, "We knew that they weren't very good. We thought, when we were first approached with it, we thought, 'Well, we don't like the music, but if we can do something good...' [article id="1447701"]But we weren't

there at the

final mix, which was a mistake, so we have to come back... It was crap anyway, the song was crap." [1MB QuickTime][/article]

Now, our colleagues at MTV Latino have gotten Manson's response in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his South American tour stopped last Friday.

[article id="1447703"]"I wouldn't waste my time having hard feelings. I've already forgotten their names," [350k QuickTime][/article] Manson said. "When we were approached to work with them, it was a bit of a favor, in a sense, because we had already written the song, and I was interested in finding a girl to sing back-up vocals on it, and Sneaker Pimps were someone who were begging, asking to be involved with us. I wasn't that familiar with them. I thought they had a good single, and the girl's voice was great. When we worked on the song, I think they were a little upset, because there wasn't much for them to do because the song was already done. Their participation, and now their opinion,

is quite irrelevant to me.

Manson also disputes the Sneaker Pimps' claim that they weren't given tapes to make their own mix of the song.

They did a mix of the song, so they obviously did receive the tapes," Manson told MTV Latino. "I have a mix of the song. They were begging and begging and asking for us to use it, and I said, 'Okay that's fine. We can put it as a remix.' Now they've come back and said they don't want us to use it. I think they're very confused, very confused individuals.

Manson's Latin American tour wraps up Wednesday in Mexico City, then he'll shoot a video for "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" (obviously, without the Sneaker Pimps).

Manson, by the way, has inspired protests in Chile against his alleged Satanism from both a bishop and a trucker's union... honest.