Lucy Hale Says 'Pretty Little Liars' 100th Episode Will Make Ezria Fans 'Very Happy'


With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

Any Aria and Ezra fan will be more than happy to tell you that "Pretty Little Liars" season four (at least the second half) was not necessarily the best time for the duo. But according to Aria Montgomery herself, Lucy Hale, the Ezria tides will majorly turn during the series' 100th episode on July 8.

"The Ezria fans will be very happy," Hale told MTV News when she stopped by our studio in NYC. "It's good stuff. [The episode has] one of my favorite scenes with Ian."

That's not all Hale told us about "Miss Me x 100" -- she also shared that relations with Alison are about to get seriously tense.

"For 100 episodes before this, we've been searching for her, thinking she's dead, thinking she might be A," she continued. "Now that she's alive, she's back at school, it just changes that dynamic. The girls are obviously relieved that she's alive and well, but they're angry with her."

Find out more from Lucy -- including how she feels about five years of lying -- below!

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays at 8 on ABCFamily.

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