The Beastie Boys Are Getting The Unauthorized Story Treatment -- With A Musical Comedy

These men fought for your right to party.

It started with "Saved By the Bell." Then "Full House." It happened to "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "The O.C." No one can escape the unauthorized Hollywood story. Are they completely factually accurate? Probably not. Are they fantastically entertaining? Absolutely.

And these unofficial stories aren't just limited to syndicated TV, either. The Beastie Boys are getting the unauthorized treatment from London's Camden People's Theater. "Licensed To Ill," a comedic, musical retelling of the story of Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D, is running for the next three weeks and, spoiler alert, legendary producer Rick Rubin is portrayed as a puppet.

The 90-minute comedy about three bad brothers you know so well was written by Simon Maeder and Adam El Hagar, who play Mike D and MCA. “I think it’s great that we’ve got this cartoony world," El Hagar told NME, "because there’d be no point telling this story straight because it’s the Beastie Boys.”

The Beastie Boys, goofy geniuses that they were, might even want their story told as a musical comedy featuring puppets. At least that's what Maeder and El Hagar hope. “It’s a style that fits,” said Maeder.

But that's not to say Licensed To Ill is all gags and giggles. It tells the story of the Beastie Boys' rise through rap up to the death of MCA, who's real name was Adam Yauch, in 2012 from cancer. “That’s a journey we wanted to explore,” says Maeder. “MCA became a political activist and an intellectual. It’s an incredible story, and a very sad one, and we’ve done our best to approach his side of the story with reverence and respect.” Each night, the theater is collecting money for the Adam Yauch Foundation.

And it seems like it's been pretty well received.

Don't remember how awesome and hilarious the Beastie Boys themselves were? Jog your memory.

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