The 17 Best Viners Of 2013

From Action Bronson to Brittany Furlan, MTV News picks out the best accounts of 2013.

Vine: the video app that limits you to six seconds, so you better be quick.

Most users found that those parameters are perfect for quick jokes and easy ways to update their followers on what they're doing. Take Mac Miller, for example, who could show you the mashed potatoes he's eating. Or BatDad, who puts his cute kids on full display, making users laugh with his crusty Batman voice.

Since the app launched at the top of 2013, it didn't take long for it to catch on. So, with the year ending and Vine approaching its first birthday, we give you the best Vine accounts of 2013. Make sure to vote for your favorite!

Jerome Jarre

Jerome is the kind of guy who could inspire you and leave you rolling on the floor laughing. When he's not telling you to smile, he's surprising random strangers with kisses and pillow fights. Not to mention he has the best French accent for saying things like "squeeewhirl" (squirrel) and "awwkwaaard."


DeStorm can make a beat from any situation -- from feet stomps to playing pool. Along with making Vines with his bevy of pals, the musician takes "literal lyrics" to a new level. Watch him act out 2 Chainz' "I'm Different" below:


Ever wanted to know what it would be like to have Batman as a father? Look no further. Blake Wilson has the mask, the voice and the parenting skills to match... and super adorable kids.

Carly Foulkes

Yeah, she may be the T-Mobile girl, but on Vine, she's so much more. Posting multiple times a day, Carly keeps us entertained with her characters like Disney Denise. Her childish humor and relationships with her Vine friends stand out ... and her costumes are just an added bonus.

Brittany Furlan

Brittany Furlan has conquered the art of the selfie ... and the art of dancing with strangers, hitting on passersby, making people uncomfortable, making her dog uncomfortable and much more. What we love most about her is her signature tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top girliness... which can quickly turn to creepiness, grittiness or just plain scariness.

Ian Padgham

People told Ian Padgham he was "crazy" when he left his job at Twitter to make professional Vines. Now he works with huge companies, making stop-motion vines for them. His own collection of clips contains clay, paper cut-outs, landmarks and, most importantly, his wooden figure. When watching his work, it's easy to declare that Ian has overcome the impossible with his iPhone.

Ry Doon

He may have a weird thing for children's books and Jay Z, but his ideas for Vines keep us scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. Check out one of Ry's many personalities below. Popsicles?

Nicholas Megalis

After Nicholas Megalis was forced in everyone's homepage with an Editor's Pick about gummy worms, things on Vine have never been the same. From his wacky songs (and accompanying outfits) about food to his mad singing skillz, he can make anything funny with his observational comedy.


Ever see President Obama dance? You will if you follow Alphacat. Not only does he make everyday occurrences into comedy; he does a spot-on impression of Barack. And nothing beats the Head of State. Check out one of his less presidential posts below.

Bo Burnam

Bo Burnam is satire at its best. Want to hear a sick beat? He's got a beet with some Theraflu. Want to watch some Blu-rays? He'll provide you with Ray Charles in a baby-blue suit. Although we've been watching his Vines for months, it's still hard to predict his punchlines, and we're left with a gratifying joke in just six seconds.

Mac Miller

In reality, we could write a whole post just about rappers on Vine (looking at you, Schoolboy Q and Wiz Khalifa), but instead, we'll leave you with a few. We chose Mac Miller for his blatant ridiculousness and TMI.

Riff Raff

Riff Raff posts every few hours, making us think he hired someone just to be his Vine man. But no, these concepts could only come from Riff. From driving in Lambos to documenting what he's watching on TV, he shares everything.

Action Bronson

Action Bronson just doesn't care. Watch him talk about what he loves (while in bed). It's almost as if auditioning to be Brick in "Anchorman."

Nash Grier

Nash Grier seems to be the biggest media sweetheart coming out of Vine. The 15-year-old has Vines about everything from taking down the Easter bunny in the cereal aisle to playing into masculine and girly stereotypes. Perhaps the cutest things about his account are the Vines with his sis.

Simone Shepard

Simone Shepard spends most of her time on Vine playing up "ratchet" stereotypes. Even playing ratchet grandmas in nursing homes. She loves to twerk, portraying the "twerk fairy" and running "twerk school." Along with her goofy Vines, Simone likes dramatizing things she observes, like this Black Friday clip:


We leave you with the best Vine ever made.

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