Send In The Evil Clowns: Stephen King 'IT' Coming To Big Screen

It's not an easy task -- King's novel is over a thousand sprawling pages and is more than just a story about an evil clown, as it actually ties into King's wider "Dark Tower" universe. Though it likes to take form as Pennywise the clown, "It" is actually a shapeless, evil entity that lurks in the sewers of Derry, Maine and preys on children by becoming their worst fears. One group of preteens takes it on, severely weakening it, and they vow to return as adults to destroy it once and for all. Cue the terror and nightmares.

The 1990 ABC miniseries was a pretty loose adaptation of King's novel, which has long been considered unfilmable. Of course, Warner Bros just recently released a similarly unfilmable story (you might have heard of it -- a little film called "Watchmen) into theaters, so they must feel as though they can tackle anything. And who knows? Maybe they can. Personally, I'll be too busy hiding under my bed at the thought of seeing "It" again to find out.

MTV readers, are you brave enough to want to see "It" on the big screen? Do you think the book is unfilmable? Do you think Tim Curry is replaceable? Sound off below.