We have a divided camp on the boxers and briefs issue.

MrChiPig Hey Bill and Karl. Did Milo show up?

DESCENDENTS Milo has Bronchitis and is recovering in bed.

Jeff Is there a "I'm the One" single coming out?

DESCENDENTS No there isn't.

maenon How was the show in Toronto with Bouncing Souls? I couldn't go.

DESCENDENTS It was fun, it was rad.

ArchersofLoaf Would you guys ever do a sensitive acoustic set?

DESCENDENTS No sensitive acoustic sets ever!

Beck What do you guys think of the commercialization of punk these days?

DESCENDENTS I guess its better to hear Offspring on the radio instead of Poison.

ArchersofLoaf Are you guys going to rock out in your 50's? Like the stones?

DESCENDENTS We are going to rock out in our 90's like Harold and Maude.

MrChiPig Why did you guys sign with Epitaph?

DESCENDENTS Because they are a cool label. We have a lot of friends there, and history over the past 15 years.

houdini Someone told me that you guys never play "Bikeage" live. Is that true?

DESCENDENTS We play "Bikeage" all the time.

gjpaters What made you guys want to record and tour again?

DESCENDENTS We three were all ready playing, and Milo was sick of the lab.

Thyme Are you guys single?

DESCENDENTS Some of us are and some of us aren't. Stephen is single.

Chachiee Can you do me a favor when you play DC?

DESCENDENTS What's the favor?

Chachiee Please please play "Pep Talk," I beg of you!

DESCENDENTS We haven't been practicing "Pep Talk," but maybe we will.

ArchersofLoaf Any more side projects?

DESCENDENTS No side projects. Just Descendents and All.

jay Milo, how come you hold onto your pants so much when you sing?

DESCENDENTS Milo holds his pants because he is nervous.

jay What's Chad Price doing these days?

DESCENDENTS Chad did all the backing vocals on the new record, and we are working on a new ALL record for the fall.

adam I wonder if you have a comment about Face to Face stealing a line from "Hope?"

DESCENDENTS Yeah, Face to face... we don't really care.

Plop Are you planing on make any more videos, the last one was pretty cool!

DESCENDENTS Videos... we are not sure.

LegalShot Descendents, is there any way for ziners to get interviews on the phone with you guys or should that be done via email or at the shows or whatever?

DESCENDENTS You can email us interview questions at

ArchersofLoaf Are any one of you as smart as Milo?

DESCENDENTS We are all as smart as Milo

jay Which one you drinks the most coffee?

DESCENDENTS We all drink 3-4 pots a day.

adam How do you feel about having a tribute out for you?

DESCENDENTS It's flattering but I wasn't in love with all the versions of the songs.

LegalShot Descendents, how is the tour going? How are the Souls and the Swinging Utters plain?

DESCENDENTS Souls and Utters are both cool people. I think that I like the Utters better.

ArchersofLoaf Are you planning on making any Mountain Dew commercials?

DESCENDENTS No Mountain Dew commercials.

LegalShot Bill, what was playing with Black Flag like? Do you keep in touch with those fellas?

DESCENDENTS Black Flag was cool and I still keep in touch with those guys.

ArchersofLoaf Who would you say are some of your favorite current bands?

DESCENDENTS Zeke, Lemons, Shades Apart, Hagfish, Mustard Plug, and Pollen.

jay Bill. Are you doing any producing lately? I like the work you did on the Shades Apart album.

DESCENDENTS Working on a new Lemons album now, but I have been too busy touring to produce much.

Chachiee What Descendents song is gonna be in Punk O Rama 2???


Thyme How was it working with Rollins?

DESCENDENTS Working with Rollins was fine.

adam Why didn't you go back to SST for the new album?

DESCENDENTS We did 15 albums over there and we just wanted to try something different.

Chachiee Does it look like the Descendents is a long term reunion or one of these one album than break up things like the Circle Jerks did?

DESCENDENTS We will continue to record and tour with both Descendents and All.

Jeff Are all the love, girl songs about real events?

DESCENDENTS About 95% of them.

jay What band are you talking about in "Thank You"?

DESCENDENTS The song "Thank You" is intentionally left anon so that the listner can fill in the blank.

LegalShot What do you think of the new Punk Music, the current Punk Scene, the tensions between the Coasts, the kids at the shows, etc.... compared to your old touring days?

DESCENDENTS It's very similar.

LegalShot Really? I would think now there's a lot more press and fans due to the media coverage and opening up, some, of punk in general.

DESCENDENTS Yeah, I guess you are right but we don't really pay attention to that stuff.

Gaffe What do you think of what happened in Cambridge on Thursday?

DESCENDENTS It was pretty sad.

adam Was there any particular reason the guard hit/tried to hit him?

DESCENDENTS We are not really sure why he was hitting him.

Gaffe He wasn't a guard. I was standing right there.

DESCENDENTS He used to work there and he had just been fired.

Plop Who'd the guard try to hit?

DESCENDENTS Bugphace, who has been part of our crew for 10 years.

Frank-o But you guys don't get spit on or pissed on any more do you? Just hit on by 12 year old prepubesents, right?

DESCENDENTS Haven't been pissed on lately.

jay Do you guys still live Colorado?

DESCENDENTS Yeah, we live in Ft. Collins.

SonicMod Any plans for projects or collaborations?

DESCENDENTS More All and Descendents albums.

jay Did ALL get out of their contract with Interscope? Did that not work out. What label will the next ALL album be on?

DESCENDENTS We just left Interscope because they did a bad job on Pummel and now Descendents and All are on Epitaph.

Chachiee Who sang on the old stuff on "Ride The Wild"? I only have that dubbed.

DESCENDENTS We used to sing ourselves: me, Frank and Tony.

Jeff Does Chad go on the tours? Backup?

DESCENDENTS Chad is printing T-shirts. W e bought our own T-shirt printing thing, so he is home printing as we speak.

Faboo23 What's your favorite song?

DESCENDENTS "Ruby" by Kenny Rogers.

Chachiee A lot of bands today count you as an influence of Pop Punk, but they really have a weak sound to their style, how do you feel about the modern "pop punk" bands today?

DESCENDENTS Which bands do you mean?

Chachiee I mean like Down By Law, NOFX, those California ohhh ahhh ohhhh sounding bands. The ones that sound like a bad take on Bad Religion mixed with Descendents.

DESCENDENTS I like some of No FX albums and some of Down by Laws.

Chubz Do you know if Epitaph is planning on re-releasing any old albums like the T.S.O.L and Poison Idea one?

DESCENDENTS Epitaph is re-releasing The TSOL Dance With Me album. I don't know about the other.

Chachiee Is it true that Milo is or was Straight Edge?

DESCENDENTS None of us identify ourselves as straight edge.

Faboo23 What was the last concert you went to?


Chachiee What bands would you say influenced you to play punk back in the day, like say 80 or 81???

DESCENDENTS Black Flag, The last X, The Alley Cats.

Jeff I first got into Descendents from Santa cruz skate videos. Were you into skating back then? Any idea you were in the videos?

DESCENDENTS We have always sucked at skating, but people who skate have always liked our music.

Gaffe I noticed Milo's voice doesn't hit the high notes on songs like "Clean Sheets" as much?

DESCENDENTS What do you mean?

Gaffe His voice sounded a bit different...

DESCENDENTS Milo has the same range that he has always had.


DESCENDENTS Are there any songs you play live now that are not on any of the albums, like newer material and so fourth?

DESCENDENTS We have a few unreleased things that we play. We are still working them out.

Faboo23 What is your favorite song that you play?

DESCENDENTS Weiner Shnitzel.

Faboo23 What is your favorite T.V. show??

DESCENDENTS Sanford and Son.

adam How do you feel about people chanting Milo? I mean he's a great guy sure, but like, there's the rest of the band too.

DESCENDENTS That's the typical rock band singer obsession thing. It started with Deep Purple.

adam True I suppose. I found it annoying, and I'm not in the band.

DESCENDENTS Try being a drummer or a bass player.

Faboo23 Boxers or Briefs???

DESCENDENTS We have a divided camp on the boxers and briefs issue.

Faboo23 What was the last movie you have seen?

DESCENDENTS Natural Born Killers on TV.

Gate Where did you get idea for the band's name?

DESCENDENTS Frank thought of it.

THEFREAK Does Epitaph records really give all the freedom they say they do?

DESCENDENTS We have complete and total creative control with Epitaph.

Faboo23 What kind of computer do you use?

DESCENDENTS We have several different computers depending on if we are home or traveling. They are all Macs.

Faboo23 Have you ever heard of They Might Be Giants?

DESCENDENTS TMBG are clever. Possibly too clever. (Karl)

Chachiee Tell us exactly how this whole reunion thing came to be with you all and Milo.

DESCENDENTS Milo wanted to play, but we already had Chad as our singer in all, so we decided to be 2 bands. All with Chad and Descendents with Milo.

shizam There is no jealousy in having 2 bands like that?

DESCENDENTS No jealousy. We are all very close friends.

Chubz Does Milo ever go on and on about molecular biology?

DESCENDENTS No he doesn't.

IvoryGrl How long did it take to make your album "Everything Sucks"?

DESCENDENTS 8 months to practice and a month and a half to record.

Gate Descendents are any of you married?

DESCENDENTS Karl and Milo are married.

Jello I just wanted to say that you guys have not let me down yet and you describe it best yourselves in your music.

DESCENDENTS Thanks. We have to bail so we are outta here.

SonicMod Thanks everyone for chatting w/the Descendents!

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