Meek Mill Speaks From Prison: 'There's Brothers Locked Down That Did Nothing To Be Here'


Meek Mill has a powerful message to deliver about incarceration, and he plans to discuss it when he is released from prison. In an extensive new Rolling Stone interview, the Philadelphia rapper gives and update on his imprisonment and why he won't let his family visit.

"There's brothers locked down that did nothing to be here but piss off people like [Judge] Brinkley," Meek said. "I want to speak on this system and what it does to black people – on both fucking sides of the fence."

In November, Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years after Judge Genece Brinkley ruled that he violated his probation stemming from a 2009 drug and gun conviction. Since then, numerous entertainers and activists including Jay-Z, Drake, Tee Grizzley, and Colin Kaepernick have called for Mill's freedom. In the new interview, the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper opened up about the feeling of a black judge, cop, and probation officer allegedly targeting him.

"Straight self-hate, man, it makes these people crazy," Mill said. "Trust me, I'm gonna say something about that. And then, I'm gonna move to Atlanta."

Meek Mill also revealed the reason he won't let his family visit him while he is imprisoned.

"I won't let them come," said Meek. "If they see me like this – fucked-up beard, hair all ganked – then it's like I'm really in here. Which I'm not."

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