Let Cole Sprouse Hilariously Explain Why ‘Hollywood Won’t Cast The Sprouse Twins Anymore’

Another day, another priceless Sprouse comeback

Once again, Cole and Dylan Sprouse have reminded us why Twitter is their world and we're just tweeting in it. Over the weekend, Cole shared an inaccurate "news" headline about why Hollywood won't work with the Sprouse twins after years of childhood stardom. Instead of just looking at his computer screen and muttering "WTF," Cole did what he does best: tweet like an absolute boss.

Wanting Choco Tacos and "dick room" really isn't asking that much, Hollywood! Sheesh.

Cole's bro Dylan weighed in too, throwing serious (but completely warranted) shade at this unnamed site.

Besides just being a completely stupid headline, it's also untrue. Cole is playing Jughead Jones in the Archie-based series Riverdale. (That's why he dyed his hair black.) Meanwhile, Dylan will star in the dark drama Dismissed, which will be, in his own words, "a departure from anything I've done."

Cole also made fun of the old photo the site used. If you stare into his eyes long enough, you'll faintly hear "Hello Darkness, my old friend" softly in the distance.

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