'Real World''s 'Go Big Or Go Home' Roomies: Where Are They Now?

See what the gang has been up to since the show's finale

Chris, CeeJai', Dean, Dione, Dylan, Jenna, Kailah, Sabrina went big this Real World season -- and during tonight's finale episode, the cast said goodbye to Las Vegas and went home.

MTV News recently caught up with the roommates to hear how their lives have changed since the once-in-a-lifetime experience, who they still speak to from their Sin City days and what advice they would give to any future cast members. Take a look at their candid answers below, and share your favorite memories from this season in the comments.

How has your life changed since leaving Real World?

Dean: It's amazing how much happier I am with myself knowing that I am capable of overcoming any situation -- whether it be facing a fear, stepping outside of my comfort zone or simply living with others who have different opinions than I do. My favorite thing that has happened since leaving the house is being recognized on the street and women yelling to me, "Can you treat me like Beyoncé?"

CeeJai': Life has been pretty much great. Still the same. Now it's just a nice amount of people who know a little about me.

Kailah: Since the show, my life hasn’t changed all that much. I just received my college diploma, and I'm planning to put my journalism degree to use in the near future. The biggest change, really, is my attitude about life. The show has made me a much more patient, accepting person who is thankful for the life I’ve been given.

Jenna: My life hasn't changed that much. I've been learning how to keep my mouth shut and be more sensitive.

Sabrina: Since being on the show, various doors have opened for me to push my music career. I will be heading on a mini tour this summer into the fall and releasing my album.

Chris: Honestly, I think the biggest change in my life has been internal, not external. I don't think any of us really believed we would become "celebrities" from the experience. The real change I noticed -- both in myself and in the other roommates -- was how we viewed ourselves. Being on Real World showed me that I have a voice. It taught me that when I use my voice, even in small and simple ways, that I can change the world. That confidence in myself is something I wouldn't trade for the world.

Dylan: My life hasn't changed. The only thing that's different is where I live. I'm still a weirdo, douchey party animal.

Where are you currently living and what's your occupation?

Kailah: I’m currently living in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida (where I grew up) and for the time being, I’m bartending and seeing where modeling can take me.

Dean: I'm living in LA and pursing my acting career. It’s always been my dream, so I’m taking classes to sharpen my skills and auditioning frequently to get my face out there. On the side, I’m still working odd jobs to help pay for the debt I accumulated from going through my divorce.

Dione: I've been living off the land, been living out of five-star hotels all over L.A. As far as occupation, #iquitmyjoblikeitsmyjob.

Sabrina: I just graduated college and I am living at home getting ready to move to New York City to pursue my singing career with my new manager.

Dylan: I live in Los Angeles. I edit footage for EDMTV network and act in my own sketch comedy videos produced weekly.

CeeJai': I'm living in Atlanta, Georgia -- I'm still a waitress at two restaurants, and I take acting classes as well. I'm starting school again in the fall but other than that, just maintaining.

Chris: I am back home in New York City. I am working on writing my first book and doing freelance writing on the side. I've also started doing quite a bit of modeling and had a lot of opportunities to do advocacy work for the LGBTQ community. It has been exciting.

Jenna: I've been working on my music -- I have an EP coming out. And also chilling at the pool in my bikini like it's my job.

What was your favorite Go Big or Go Home mission?

Sabrina: Finding my birth mother because it is something that I have always wanted to do.

Jenna: My favorite was the song I wrote with Sabrina for MTV (which is available for free download on

Dean: The Big Leap, because it was the one I feared the most, yet I couldn’t back down since it was the first step to bigger and better possibilities in my life.

Chris: The truth mission. Just kidding. I would have to say that my favorite mission was the one where we got to fly the fighter jets. I've wanted to fly ever since I was a little boy.

CeeJai': My favorite mission was Roll -- that was one for the books.

Kailah: My favorite Go Big or Go Home mission was Roll, the mission that had us flying acrobatic planes. That day was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Dylan: I wasn't there for all the missions, but I guess it would have to be Flaunt. I love to strip, what can I say?

Who do you keep in touch with from your season?

Dean: I speak with Chris, Sabrina, CeeJai', Dione and Dylan -- we pretty much just check up on each other to make sure we’re okay. Not much direction was given after we finished taping the show, so we have to help each other out transitioning back into the real world.

Dione: I've kept in touch with CeeJai', Chris, Dean and Sabrina -- we all talk every day.

Sabrina: I speak to CeeJai', Dean and Dione every day and make an effort to have them in my life. Chris and CeeJai' are my rocks and visit me frequently and are my backbones. I eventually hope to move to New York City with Chris. Dione is my wild child, and I see him all the time in Boston. As for Kailah, we were extremely close, traveling together and attached at the hip. As far as that friendship goes, I don't think there is one. As for Jenna, no comment.

Kailah: I don’t really keep in touch with anyone at this point. I check in with Jenna and Sabrina on occasion, but I don’t talk to any of them on a daily basis. I have really great friends in real life I picked to be my friends way before being cast. Most of my roommates, to me, aren’t friends.

Chris: Despite my best efforts to "forgive and forget" with Jenna, some people really just never change. That was heartbreaking for me, as I had a lot of hope for our friendship outside of Real World. As for Kailah? I honestly don't know. We've been really distant the last several months, which has been really sad for me given how close we were on the show. As for Dione, Ceejai, Dean and Sabrina, I talk to them every day. They are family to me. I am so incredibly lucky to have them in my life.

Jenna: The only person I keep in touch with Kailah. We put aside our differences, and we're really good friends now.

CeeJai': I keep up with the same people I was close to on the show -- Dione, Dean, Chris, Sabs and I talk pretty much every day. I hear from Dylan from time to time, and I only hear from Kailah when she's online lying.

Dylan: I don't talk to anyone from the show, really.

Do you have any Real World regrets?

Sabrina: I regret nothing. Everything I did was for my music and who I am as a person.

Dean: Being so nice all the time. I didn’t want to be the nice guy, but it was needed in the house. There was too much negatively floating through the air already, so it only made sense for me to try to be a voice of reason and spread good energy.

CeeJai': I honestly have no regrets. If I could change anything, it would be my hairstylist.

Chris: I should have called out Jenna's racism more often than I actually did. Looking back on the experience, I realized that I left a lot of those battles to Dean and CeeJai' when I should have been more actively supporting them. If we really want equality in the world, it's a fight we need to be in together.

Kailah: I don’t have any regrets from the show. All mistakes are learning experiences, and I know that if I were to do it all over again, I’d most likely makes the same choices.

Dylan: The only regret I have is that I should have been even more of a miserable bastard. No, not really -- but I wish I did pranks on random people out on the street instead of creating drama in the house.

Dione: I should not have hooked up with Kailah, and I should have sent Jenna home when I had the chance.

What advice would you give to a future Real World roommate?

Sabrina: Stay true to yourself, and don't let anyone tell you who to be. Don't sell yourself short, and remember: Class never goes out of style.

Dean: Try to make a difference in someone else's life and tell them to pay it forward.

Dylan: The only thing I would tell someone that's about to enter into the house would be to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend! There are plenty of fish in the sea, and no one wants to watch a celibate, goody two shoes on national TV! Ditch them and get weird!

CeeJai': Don't be afraid to be yourself and do things to make this experience tasteful.

Kailah: I’d tell future cast members to enjoy every day while they’re filming. Being on the show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and time flies.

Use one word to summarize your Real World experience.

Chris: Eye-opening. I guess that's two words!

Dylan: Showtime.

Dione: Dione.

Dean: Sensational.

Kailah: Insanity.

CeeJai': Unforgettable.

Jenna: Wild. That shit was crazy.

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