Love Bella's New Look? Here's the 411 on 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2' Fashion

Alas, "The Twilight Saga" is coming to an end. Over the past several years, we've learned to love Bella, Edward, Jacob and crew, and we're sad to bid them all adieu. But, for four movies, we've loved their style … and "Breaking Dawn – Part 2" won't be breaking that streak.

In fact, as vampires and wolves come together from all over the world to protect Renesmee, an enemy in the Volturi isn't the only thing they have in common. Every character, whether vampire, wolf, or half-vampire-half-human, has a tremendous fashion sense. From fur pieces to casual attire and unique jewelry, these supernatural creatures sure know how to dress.

Check out the latest Get the Goods for some amazing looks that are fashionable, yet practical enough to wear to a fight for survival.

The newborn vampire version of Bella flaunts her sex appeal in her body-hugging sapphire dress. These options may not be as ready for tackling mountain lions, but something tells us that won't be an issue. From left to right: Alloy (on sale for $29.99), Charlotte Russe (on sale for $14.99) and Herve Leger ($780 at Nordstrom).

Bella (Kristen Stewart) may be all tough and strong now, but she still maintains her femininity. T by Alexander Wang dress, $108 on, and engagement and wedding ring set, $28.50 at Hot Topic.

We love Edward's (Robert Pattinson) effortless, laid-back style. It matches his personality, or, at least, his personality when the lives of Bella or the rest of his family aren't being threatened. T by Alexander Wang neoprene bomber jacket, $365 at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Levi's 559 relaxed straight jeans, $58.

Rosalie is much warmer and more friendly once Renesmee is born. Her demure purple cardigan even reflects it. Rosalie's necklace, $16.79 on Amazon, and BDG cardigan, on sale for $29 at Urban Outfitters.

Renesmee looks so cute sitting next to Jacob. There's just nothing like spending time with "family" over the holidays. You can be comfy and cute like the little Cullen and her wolf friend with these options. Nordstrom corduroy sport shirt, $49.50, and Nanette Lepore ruffle front dress, $103.20 on Bluefly.

Don't forget to collect the awesome "Twilight" replica jewelry. From top to bottom: Renesmee's bracelet, $18.50 at Hot Topic, Bella's wolf and heart bracelet, $18.50 at Hot Topic, Esme's bracelet, $15.99 on Amazon, and Bella's wristcuff, $19.50 at Hot Topic.

The Volutri have been around for such a long time that they have even chosen to maintain a more antiquated dress code. Of course, that's also because they can. Volturi crest necklace, $21.32 on and Urban Renewal velvet dress, $69 at Urban Outfitters.

As silly as Emmett can be, he's always rockin' the sexy bad boy vibe. While much of that is his muscles, we can help you with his clothing. From top to bottom: Belstaff Cougar jacket, $1,695, Kenneth Cole Henley, $49.50 at Macy's, and Express Henley, $49.90.

Alice and Jasper's quirky and unique styles are always fun. Alice & Trixie dress, $147.86 on Amazon, J. Crew dress, $128, J. Crew oxford shirt, $75, and Rag & Bone waistcoat, $395 at Barneys New York.

There's nothing like mother-daughter time. From left to right: Sofie cashmere sweater, $84 on, Banana Republic cashmere scarf, $120, Renesmee's locket, $24.50 at Hot Topic, and Belstaff Helston jacket, $2,750.

Esme knows the importance of being practical in a fight with her flat shoes, but it doesn't mean that she can't wear something cute at the same time. Parker sequined jacket, $330 at Neiman Marcus, and Bearpaw Emma boots, $79.99.

Coming from a different coven, Kate and Tanya have a different sense of style from the Cullens and it shows with their extreme outerwear and jewelry. From left to right: 525 America fur vest, $320 at Bloomingdale's, Karl shearling jacket, $1,330 on, Low Luv by Erin Wasson rough crystal cocktail ring, $76.80 on Amazon), Low Luv by Erin Wasson triple crystal cocktail ring ($62 on Amazon, and Low Luv by Erin Wasson negative space ring, $38 on

Carlisle always looks so perfectly dapper. From top to bottom: Charles & 1/2 blazer, $59 at Urban Outfitters, Black Brown 1826 cashmere v-neck sweater, $99.95 at Lord & Taylor), and Prada shirt, $229.50 on Bluefly.

Even though Jacob rips his clothes to bits and pieces whenever he transforms into a wolf, he still makes it a point to look good, although we might prefer him shirtless. Gitman Brothers shirt, on sale for $56.21 on and Levi's 511 skinny trousers, $58.

Bella takes a break from the sexy dresses and goes for layered tees and a pair of jeans. Dickies scoop neck tee, $18 on Amazon), Market Bridgette scoop neck tee, $40, and J Brand 912 low-rise jeans, $169.

Essence has come out with limited-edition "Twilight"-inspired beauty products that you can get at Ulta. Nail polish for $2, lipgloss for $2, eyeliner for $3, lipstick for $3, eyeshadow for $3 and powder for $4.