Brüno Imagines Landing On Robert Pattinson Instead Of Eminem

Austrian fashion reporter has some choice words for Em after MTV Movie Awards incident.

The last time Brüno got in front of MTV's cameras, he swooped down from the rafters at the Movie Awards like some S&M-possessed angel and [article id="1612970"]plunged onto Eminem's head[/article], setting off a melee of flying feathers and angry bodyguards and creating one of the most unforgettable moments in the show's 18-year history.

So when MTV News caught up with Brüno on Tuesday during a MySpace-sponsored [article id="1615537"]screening of his upcoming movie[/article], we wanted to know what the Austrian fashion guru had to say about the infamous encounter with Em. Not surprisingly, he had some fightin' words left over after the May awards show.

"Well, Eminem behaved like a total bi---," Brüno told us. "I mean, he pretended like he'd never 69'd a guy before."

The incident, which spawned days of fan and media hullaballoo, occurred when Brüno descended via wires to present the Golden Popcorn statue for Best Male Performance. He ended up getting tangled in the wires and landing upside-down and on top of Eminem, engulfing the rapper's head in his legs and flashing his bare buttocks within inches of Em's shocked face.

"The reality was, when I was down there with my [butt] in his face and my head between his thighs, I felt something poking into my cheek, and I felt why he was actually called Slim Shady," Brüno told us on Tuesday. "I felt that Slim was getting a little fat."

While Brüno might not have much love for Em, he does have a lot of love for a certain beloved "Twilight" vampire, and the Movie Awards incident might have been entirely different if the Austrian had fallen a few inches to one side.

"Robert Pattinson was actually the row in front, and if I'd landed on him they would have needed the fire engines to unclench my thighs from his neck," Brüno declared.

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