Anna Faris Gets Deep, Jackie Chan Gets Soaked: 2008's Memorable Movie Moments

This year's Other Awards honor 'Twilight,' 'Nick and Norah,' 'Burn After Reading' and more.

These days, everybody is giving out end-of-the-year honors to the same old names: Streep, Penn, "Benjamin Button" and the like. But there's only one place where you'll find the Other Awards, our annual salute to the good, the bad and the bizarre.

By our count, the MTV Movies team sat through more than 200 films in 2008, all in our dutiful commitment to bring you the very best in movie news. And much like [article id="1548909"]2006[/article] and [article id="1578541"]2007[/article], we witnessed a lot of things that were memorable for a whole host of reasons. From 'roid-raging cows to martial-artist golden showers, from bloopers to bad acting, here are our most unforgettable movie moments of the past year.

"Most Glaring Deleted Scene" Award

The morning after [movieperson id="58720"]Will Smith's[/movieperson] superhero, Hancock, is confronted by superheroine sister Mary Embrey ([movieperson id="183155"]Charlize Theron[/movieperson]), he remarks: "Sisters don't kiss brothers the way you kissed me last night." The only problem? Will and Charlize never kissed, since [article id="1568596"]their love story[/article] was cut from the movie after the line was filmed. ("[movie id="325888"]Hancock[/movie]")

"Biggest DVD-Case Screwup" Award

[movieperson id="322005"]Paris Hilton's[/movieperson] latest straight-to-video flick, which misspells the name of her co-star, "Harold & Kumar" actress [movieperson id="22768"]Paula Garcés[/movieperson]. ("[movie id="262910"]National Lampoon's Pledge This![/movie]")

"Most Out-of-Left-Field Running Joke" Award

[movieperson id="297537"]Michael Cera[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="262616"]Kat Dennings'[/movieperson] drunken pal, fishing her chewed gum out of a urine-filled public toilet, putting it back in her mouth -- and later passing it between her friends. ("

[movie id="369406"]Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist[/movie]")

"Can You Hear Us Now?" Award

An Amtrak train stops running, as the conductor explains to [movieperson id="166010"]Mark Wahlberg[/movieperson] that they've lost contact with "everyone." Perhaps he should ask to borrow one of the many cell phones still being used by the passengers? ("[movie id="340251"]The Happening[/movie]")

"Fictional Film That We Hope Stays Fictional" Award

"Coming Up Daisy," a groan-inducing romantic comedy starring [movieperson id="163585"]Claire Danes[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="45218"]Dermot Mulroney[/movieperson]. (As glimpsed in "[movie id="326940"]Burn After Reading[/movie]")

"Character Dialogue Most Likely to Be Spoken by Its Actor in Reality (Part 1)" Award

"A life without orgasms is like a world without flowers." (Paris Hilton, "[movie id="372072"]The Hottie & the Nottie[/movie]")

"Character Dialogue Most Likely to Be Spoken by Its Actor in Reality (Part 2)" Award

"You got any idea where I could buy, like, two acres' worth of weed?" ([movieperson id="26961"]Woody Harrelson[/movieperson], "[movie id="327237"]Sleepwalking[/movie]")

"Neatest Gimmick That Makes You Go 'Hmm' " Award

Every time we sneeze, it's because a ghost is walking through us. ("

[movie id="342387"]Ghost Town[/movie]")

"Biggest Product-Placement Pothole" Award

When [movieperson id="55545"]Adam Sandler[/movieperson] visits his niece and nephew, he is shocked to discover that their mom doesn't allow television, forcing his character to read to the kids. The only problem with this plot point? In their bedroom, they have an enormous Mac with what looks like a 25-inch screen. Has Sandler never heard of Hulu? ("[movie id="338327"]Bedtime Stories[/movie]")

"Best Chant" Award

In [movieperson id="54512"]Mickey Rourke's[/movieperson] comeback film, his grizzled grappler is assisted ringside by a fan who takes off his own prosthetic and hands it to Randy the Ram, leading the crowd to urge Randy to employ it as a weapon: "Use his leg! Use his leg!" ("[movie id="371022"]The Wrestler[/movie]")

"Most Simultaneously Cool and Ridiculously Lame Moment" Award

[movie id="320786"]James McAvoy's[/movie] Wesley whacks a disloyal co-worker in the face with his computer keyboard, knocking out some teeth and sending the words "f--- you" toward the audience (naturally, the root of one tooth creates the "u"). ("[movie id="338790"]Wanted[/movie]")

"Worst Character Name" Award

Turaqistan resident (and presumed hater of Pig Latin) Ooq-Mi-Fay. ("[movie id="326134"]War, Inc.[/movie]")

"Fakest TV Show That Isn't Really All That Fake" Award

"Spinball" with Jack Hawk, a George W. Bush-loving program resembling every Fox News show ever made. ("

[movie id="377460"]W.[/movie]")

"Deepest Line Ever Delivered in an [movieperson id="242920"]Anna Faris [/movieperson] Movie" Award

"Kindness is just love with its work boots on." ("[movie id="363551"]The House Bunny[/movie]")

"Most Anticlimactic Climax" Award

After several scenes of planning and execution, a group of bank robbers finally break through thick concrete, get into the vault -- and then decide to take a nap before going in. ("[movie id="338077"]The Bank Job[/movie]")

"Most Random Cameo" Award

Formerly in-hiding author Salman Rushdie, playing [movieperson id="30045"]Helen Hunt's[/movieperson] gynecologist. Well, they certainly won't look for him there! ("[movie id="276427"]Then She Found Me[/movie]")

"Most Unrealistic Reveal" Award

[movieperson id="329702"]Jim Sturgess[/movieperson] stands in a room, unnoticed, long enough for 76 cards to be dealt without the players realizing he's there. Then the camera pulls back and he dramatically says, "Plus 13." ("[movie id="335497"]21[/movie]")

"Déjà Vu All Over Again" Award

In the sunny, outdoor scene in which Jessica (Anna Kendrick) tells Bella ([movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart[/movieperson]) that the Cullens aren't in school today, watch closely. As the school bell rings, you'll see an editing mistake that has two extras in the background getting up to leave for class, then doing it again moments later. ("[movie id="369195"]Twilight[/movie]")

"Best Dis of California" Award

"Anywhere where Arnold Schwarzenegger can become the governor? That's f---ed up!" (One of the kids in "

[movie id="375634"]American Teen[/movie]")

"Most Terrifying Monster Not in a Sci-Fi Film" Award

A real-life, 2,600-pound, muscle-bound cow on steroids. ("Bigger, Stronger, Faster")

"Scene Most Obviously Written by a Man" Award

In [movieperson id="190407"]Will Ferrell's[/movieperson] basketball flick, the comedian has his team put on eye shadow to be more intimidating, but it blinds the athletes when they sweat. As funny as the scene might be, in reality it's mascara that runs, not eye shadow. ("

[movie id="327290"]Semi-Pro[/movie]")

"Moment We Never Thought We'd Witness" Award

Jet Li peeing on Jackie Chan's face. ("The Forbidden Kingdom")

"Line Delivered With the Biggest Wink" Award

"I would be laughed out of Hollywood. I have very limited breasts, a ginormous ass, and I've got this gut that swings back and forth in front of me like a shopping cart with a bent wheel." (Frances McDormand discussing her body in "Burn After Reading")

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