Action Bronson Went All Jim Morrison And Stevie Ray Vaughan On 'Mr. Wonderful'

Who knew he could sing like that?

Action Bronson's debut album Mr. Wonderful was released on Monday (Mar. 23), and there are some pretty priceless moments on the project.

For example, there's the jazzy track, "City Boy Blues," where the Queens rapper decides to forego rapping in favor of singing -- and honestly, it's pretty damn good.

"My favorite track to record on the entire album would be 'City Boy Blues' because I'm not rapping," Action told MTV News backstage at the 2015 mtvU Woodies. "I gave a shot at singing some Stevie Ray Vaughan, mixed with Jim Morrison -- I dunno where these vocals came from but I gave it a shot."

Well, we're glad you gave it a shot Action.

Then, there's the single "Baby Blue," which he also dropped a video for on Monday, featuring Chance the Rapper, and he's actually willing to admit that the Chicago rapper might've been more ridiculous than him (which is pretty difficult to pull off).

"I say some pretty ridiculous things, honestly, but Chance's verse is pretty petty," he said, laughing.

"Paper cuts on your tongue, your t---ies deflating, it's a pretty petty one. He hopes that your charger don't work and your headphones are too short? All these things, you know you're gonna get tight if you plug the phone in by the bed and it doesn't reach so you could lay down and text, so he might've out silly-ed me on the album. He got me on that one."

Oh and he explained that his off-the-wall video for "Actin Crazy" was filmed all in one take.

You really can't deny this man's talent.