Stan Lee Reveals His 'Amazing Spider-Man' Cameo... And The Big Scene It Happens In! [SPOILER ALERT]

Lee appeared at last weekend's Dallas Comic Con and teased his cameos in both "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "Captain America: The First Avenger." Pressed for details about the "Spider-Man" cameo, he described the scene in which he'll make an appearance, and praised it as one of his favorite cameo so far.

The good folks at BigFanboy were there to capture Lee's comments, so this is the part when I issue a big ol' SPOILER WARNING for anyone who doesn't want to know about Lee's appearance in the film or the cool scene in which it occurs.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let's get to the spoilery stuff, shall we?

"I guarantee the 'Spider-Man' one is the funniest one you'll ever see," said Lee of the cameo, and then went on to offer up some juicy details about the story developing around him during his appearance.

"There's a big battle going on with Spider-Man and the Lizard in the library. I'm the librarian!" he revealed. "I'm stamping books and I have earphones on, and I'm listening to music. So while I'm stamping the books, this life-and-death battle is going on behind me. I don't know it, [because] I don't hear them!"

So there you have it, true believers: all the details from Stan "The Man" Lee. While the studio might not like him giving away the circumstances of his cameo, it's practically impossible to get mad at the man who co-created Spider-Man and so many other iconic characters.

Give him all the cameos he wants, we say!

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