Watch This Gangsta Rapper Turn To Mush Over His Newborn

Everything's changed.

Want to know the secret to melting a gangsta rappers' heart? A baby. Or, more specifically, witnessing the birth of their first child.

Freddie Gibbs became a father over the weekend, and his tough persona all but disappeared while he gushed over his new daughter, Irie. The Gary, Indiana rapper, who calls himself "Gangsta Gibbs," chronicled the entire journey on Instagram, from the delivery room to capturing her first sneeze on video.

Getting ready

"About to have the biggest moment of my life. Today is the reason I ain't never get smoked or go to prison. Irie u gave me a purpose. See u in a minute little lady."

First photo of father and daughter

"Meet Irie Jane Gibbs"

She deserves a solo shot, too

"8 lbs 2 Ounces and her daddy did more crying in the delivery room than her, she a G. I love u Irie."

Okay, one father-daughter picture wasn't enough

"Best day ever. Glory to God."

First sneeze, captured

"Bless u princess."

Love to the woman who made it all possible

"27 hours of labor I salute u baby love u @watcherica gave me the best gift ever."

Hey grandpa

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