This Is Where The 'Next Chapter' Of 'Teen Mom' Will Begin

We're taking a look back at where they left off

Amber, Ashley, Briana, Catelynn, Cheyenne, Jade, Leah and Maci were an integral part of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Now, the eight young women will write their next chapter on a brand-new supersized series. 

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, premiering one week from today, will focus on the unique bond the cast shares as they face the reality of parenthood and adulting while entering new phases of life together. 

But before this journey begins, take a look back at where their stories ended. Explore the listicle, below, to get caught up -- then do not miss the debut of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter on Tuesday, September 6!

  • Amber

    Gary accompanied Amber to a psychiatry session so he could better understand her mental illnesses. The conversation was wide-ranging, from the psychiatrist explaining Amber's borderline personality disorder and bipolar diagnoses to Gary expressing the negative effect Amber's social media posts have had on Leah. The productive conversation concluded with the psychiatrist suggesting a family session or therapy with Amber and Leah so all parties can attempt to comprehend "where they are coming from."

  • Ashley

    Ashley admitted that she and Bar had "been through hell and back," but the pair opted to work on their relationship together. The season ended on a high note for the couple, with Ashley opting to recommit to Holly's father. Her gesture: Purchase the exact same wedding ring Bar misplaced and give it to him when he least expected it (when he was washing dishes).

  • Briana

    Briana's family endured a first: Devoin, Luis, Stella, Nova, Roxanne and Brittney all enjoyed a meal together. However, Briana's defamation lawsuit with Kailyn remained pending. But that was only the beginning: Kail accused Bri on social media of sleeping with Chris (aka the father of Lux and Creed) after he gave a deposition for the case. Briana denied anything ever happened between the two, except for being friends.

  • Catelynn

    Rya Rose made her highly anticipated debut -- and the Baliterras' family is now complete (the couple repeatedly stated this was their "last baby.") Because of COVID-19 protocols, Novalee and Vaeda were unable to meet their little sister at the hospital. However, the siblings were able to bond thanks to FaceTime -- and Nova sweetly declared, "She's six pounds, and I'm six!"

  • Cheyenne

    Welcome back to newborn life, Cheyenne. The MTV mom admitted she was "exhausted and overwhelmed" after welcoming son Ace with her fiancé Zach. Cheyenne vowed to take some more time for herself, and the first step was a doula teaching her how to give herself a postpartum belly wrap. Next up: the nuptials!

  • Jade

    Sean was "excited and anxious" to take all the lessons he learned at treatment, and he finally returned home to Jade and Kloie after a few months in Texas. The trio shared an emotional reunion at the airport  -- and plenty of quality time ensued afterward.

  • Maci

    Maci and Taylor struggled to find time for each other while raising three children together. Following a couples therapy session, Taylor suggested a "night away with no distractions" (translation: no kids), and Maci obliged. Even though the dinner started a bit awkward (like when Maci pointed out Taylor's loud chewing as he ate toast), the McKinneys eventually were able to reflect on why they decided to stay married during a tough year and what their lives would be like if they had not met.

  • Leah

    Wedding bells were ringing -- but not for Leah and new beau Jaylan. Leah's sister Victoria said "I do" to her love Roger in front of a judge -- and Victoria teased Jaylan afterward by saying, "Your turn."  After the courtroom ceremony, Leah and Jaylan had a heart-to-heart about their views; Leah remained skeptical and spoke from experience that marriage would not change their relationship (this would be her third union), while Jaylan was ready for the next step (he has never been married). Spoiler alert: Th couple is now engaged!