Katy Perry Wears Her Dog's Face All Over Her Body As She Sleeps

Celebrities, like normals, are obsessed with their dogs. Miley Cyrus, for instance, wore a jacket featuring her dog Floyd on her Bangerz Tour. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend just had a wedding for their dogs. And now, the latest to broadcast her love for her furry friend? Katy Perry, who is now the proud owner of custom pajamas printed with her dog's face.

Katy shared a photo of her new silk sleepwear—courtesy of her longtime stylist, Johnny Wujek—on Instagram while holding Butters, the inspiration behind the look. Talk about #meta, amirite?

Also, you may notice that Katy's hair is within frame, even though the majority of her face is not, which leads us to believe her "Kris Jenner"-inspired haircut was, most likely, an April Fools' Day joke. Um, Katy, most people reveal their joke at the end of the day—they don't keep the people guessing for almost a week! Just saying.

The possibility remains, of course, that she posed for this PJ picture while wearing a wig, which may seem a bit ~extra~ for sleeping, but—hey—when you have pajamas that look this good, you gotta accessorize appropriately.