Director's Cut: Len Wiseman on 'Total Recall' (Video)

More than two decades after Paul Verhoeven sci-fi flick "Total Recall," which starred a pre-Governator era Arnold Schwarzenegger, Len Wiseman is revisiting the story with Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. We talked to him at the San Diego Comic-Con about the drama, and he encourages the haters to "just watch the movie."

Wiseman acknowledges that you really can't please everyone with a movie like this.

"There's people that really don't like the idea that we don't go to Mars, but there's other people that feel that there's things that are too close [to the original]."

A fan of the original himself, the director describes some of the changes in his version, from the technical changes behind the scenes to give it a fresher look to its "more grounded" human characters and less tongue-in-cheek tone. (You can read our review here.)

Watch the interview below, and let us know your take on the remake situation. Are you down with an upgrade to "Total Recall," or do you want to stay on Mars?