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Kendrick Lamar’s Favorite Artist Is Grateful For Kendrick Lamar

Earl Sweatshirt also says he and K. Dot are different.

During a recent Q&A with fans, Kendrick Lamar revealed that Earl Sweatshirt is his favorite artist right now. While Earl hasn't responded to that praise directly, the Odd Future MC did explain what he thinks of K. Dot in his latest interview.

“Whatever nuances I’m not feeling with a Kendrick [Lamar]–type album, I’m still so thankful for his position because he’s doing that work so that fools like me can still find myself,” Earl said in the Grantland interview published Tuesday (Apr. 21).

"I just don’t do it in the same way as Kendrick,” Earl continued. "Kendrick is so explicit in the way that that n---a writes. Like, it’s so explicit. He’s the opposite of mystery; everything is fully spelled out. But it’s in [an] Everyman’s language. You can really, really understand it. It’s sophisticated but it doesn’t take a lot to understand what he’s talking about. And everyone can read it, so it’s like … it gives me room to find myself.”

Kendrick's April 15 Q&A included more than just a question about his “favorite artist in the game right now." At the time, Kendrick also broke down the secret inspiration behind To Pimp A Butterfly.

If that's not enough K. Dot for you, here's another Kendrick Q&A with MTV News where he analyzes the depth of TPAB.