Beyoncé Shares A Knockout View Of What She Wore To Celebrate Colin Kaepernick

Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bey

Beyoncé presented Colin Kaepernick with Sports Illustrated's Muhammad Ali Legacy Award on December 5, and she took a minute backstage to honor the People's Champ in her own way with a quick nod to The Greatest.

Kaepernick's winning of an award bearing Ali's name is a nod to the boxer's legacy given the football player's activism and how it echoes the passionate support of causes Ali had embraced in the past. So while Beyoncé's Instagram is more or less a gallery of her boldest looks and backstage hangs, her pics of her ensemble for the ceremony featured a brief clip of her throwing a couple jabs towards the camera.

It was a subtle, quick reminder as to why she was there to present Kaepernick with the distinction in the first place. It's also another excuse to appreciate the sparkle of that awesome dress and her stunning earrings, too.

Connecting two incredible athletes and activists with one moving awards ceremony, and in sparkling cocktail attire, at that? All in a day's work for this People's Champ. Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bey, indeed.

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