Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, And More Celebs Who Put Your Halloween Costume To Shame

The rest of us can give up

Here's a harsh truth about Halloween: Because of their infinite access to makeup, costumes, and prosthetics, celebrities are better at it than you or I will ever be. Sure, people knew you were Eleven because of your Eggo box, but Beyoncé actually, like, became a Barbie.

Bey isn't the only one bringing it for the holiday — here are the celebs who went all out for Halloween, inspiring jealousy and awe in all of us.

Beyoncé and Jay z as Black Barbie And Ken

Collector edition, of course. That lucky collector? Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé as Salt-N-Pepa

Bey kept things in the family for her Salt-N-Pepa costume. I hope Blue keeps coordinating with her mom until she's, like, 50.

Taylor Swift as Deadpool

Taylor could've easily picked up a Deadpool costume at any local Party City, but she didn't (obviously). Instead, she wore the actual costume — like, from the movie — from Ryan Reynolds himself.

Ariana Grande as Trinity from The Matrix

Ari and Mac truly love couples costumes, as all this patent leather shows.

Ariana Grande as Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

True Halloween dedication is finding the perfect costumes and the perfect place for photos.

Ariana Grande as Eevee

Remember Pokémon GO? Ariana does. Any excuse to wear ears, y'know?

Heidi Klum as...Herself x 6

Maybe Heidi got sick of removing her makeup and prosthetics every year and decided making other people wear it would be a nice change of pace?

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner as Weed Brownies

First came matching tattoos, now the GoT stars are all about matching costumes. Brownies gone bad.

Kourtney Kardashian as a Power Ranger

Like Bey, Kourtney recruited her entire fam for a full team of Power Rangers.

Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera

The hair. The piercings. THE CHAPS. Kylie nailed it.

Kylie Jenner as a skeleton

Xtina wasn't Kylie's only costume of the weekend — the night before she and Tyga were very chic skeletons.

Khloé Kardashian as Storm

Like her sister, Khloé embraced colored contacts and facepaint to become Storm from X-Men.

Colton Haynes as Miss Piggy

After his Ursula costume last year and Fiona the year before that, Colton had a lot to live up to. His ample-bosomed Miss Piggy didn't let us down.

Halsey as Harley Quinn

Halsey transformed into Harley with a dip-dyed wig and jumpsuit.

Halsey as The Bride from Kill Bill

For the Quentin Tarantino–themed party she threw, she broke out a diff wig, some fake blood, and a sword.

Joe Jonas and the rest of DNCE as Cruella de Vil and Dalmatians

They're missing 98 Dalmatians, but Cruella looks ready for business.

Ellen DeGeneres and Heidi Klum as Sia and Maddie Ziegler

What's a Sia without her Maddie, y'know?

Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton

Katy Perry loves Hillary Clinton. She loves Halloween. Here is the result.

Taylor Lautner as Ryan Lochte

Psst, Taylor, Ryan is way easier to recognize without his shirt on. Just something to consider.

Marc Jacobs as a bodybuilder

Marc Jacobs definitely came in first in whatever bodybuilding competition he was in. Those muscles!

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas as Dorothy and the Scarecrow

While everyone else was layering on the prosthetics, Demi and Nick kept things classic in coordinated Wizard of Oz costumes.

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