EXCLUSIVE: Four Talks About Tris In This Quote From 'Four: A Divergent Collection'

Get inside the head of the Dauntless heartthrob.

If you swooned like a schoolgirl for Four, the enigmatic Dauntless hottie who welcomed Tris to her new faction in "Divergent," then prepare to swoon extra hard for this exciting new set of stories from the world of dystopian Chicago — and for our exclusive sneak peek at a quote from Mr. Tobias "Four" Eaton himself!

Hitting shelves in July, "Four: A Divergent Collection" is a titillating peek into the history and heart of Four: a series of (appropriately) four stories that begin with a young man from Abnegation choosing to enter a new faction, one where he can escape from his monstrous father and finally master his fears... and end with him meeting the girl who will irrevocably alter his destiny.

And today, a month before the book's release, we have a first look inside the book's final chapter, "The Traitor," the events of which overlap with the first book in the "Divergent" trilogy. Who's the mysterious "she" that Four is watching with such interest? WE BET YOU CAN GUESS.


"Four: A Divergent Collection" will be ready to join your "Divergent" library on July 8.

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