Braxton Vows To Cooperate In Lawsuit Over Rented BMW

After learning of the lawsuit brought against her last week by BMW Financial Services regarding the recovery of a car leased by a former employee, vocalist Toni Braxton has come forward to defend herself.

In a prepared statement, Braxton claims that the car was not hers and that she merely co-signed the lease on the car for a woman that used to work for her. Braxton also said that the woman, Cosandra Calloway, has not been her employee for the last six months and she has no information about her whereabouts.

I hope everyone realizes that the leasing company is not suing me for any back payments," Braxton's statement read, "they simply want to get their car back, and I completely agree that they should. Indeed, I am prepared to do whatever I can to help them recover it.

Braxton has currently taken over the role of "Belle" in Disney's Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" while her recording career is put on hold until she settles her contractual dispute

with LaFace Records.