DMX Was Arrested Again

X was arrested and released in an ongoing legal battle.

DMX is facing legal troubles yet again.

The rapper was arrested Tuesday (Oct. 27) on a July contempt of court charge, according to USA Today. He’s being accused of not paying child support to his former wife Tashera Simmons, with whom he has four kids.

Last year, a judge ordered X to pay Simmons $10,000 a month in child support.

X was released on Tuesday as well, though that apparently took some convincing. He appeared in court and promised to show up for his next court date, telling Judge Paul Marx, “It’s not like I can hide."

The MC also argued that being incarcerated would keep him from making money and would hurt his image. “All I have is my name and my reputation,” he explained, adding that his gigs are the “only way I can make a living.”

Although Joseph Daniels, a lawyer representing the rapper's ex-wife, asked for the judge to impose a bail amount, X was released without bail.

He’s slated to return to court next month. “I expect to see you back here on Nov. 18 to resolve this case in its totality,” the judge told him, adding that if X doesn't show up, "things will not go well."

In July, X was sentenced to six months in jail. By September, he was released (and that's also when he decided to cook at an IHOP, if you recall).

But his legal problems began long ago, and this is just the latest string of issues this year. In April, for instance, the MC was accused of being part of an armed robbery at a gas station. He has denied the allegations.

Last month, X said he plans on using all of these issues as fuel for new music, which is great news for fans. "You're always gonna have problems," he said. "I'll take what I've been through and capture it to give it away. Because I give it away, I benefit from it."

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