'The Following': Kevin Bacon's 7 Things To Know About Season 2

Fox's serial killer drama is back for more blood on January 19.

Break out those masks, Followers! "The Following" is back.

Fox's serial killer drama kicks off season two on January 19 immediately following the NFC championship, and Kevin Bacon is spilling plenty of juicy secrets about the episodes to come.

Bacon sat down with MTV News to talk new love interests (we already heard that Claire's fate is "not good"), Emma's next move and "one of the creepiest characters" in the history of television. Read on for more about season two, in Bacon's own words.

1. Loose Ends Will Be Tied Up

"Last season we ended with a brutal scene in my apartment, but what went on the air was actually a shortened version of that scene. So to get people back up to speed, we begin with the beginning of that scene and we extend it to see what the outcome was. It's kind of a chilling and surprising outcome. Then we jump ahead in time to a year later and it gives us an opportunity to freshen everything up."

2. Ryan Is A Changed Man, Until...

"He is healthier and sober and is running and has completely walked away from the case and from the FBI and from Joe Carroll. [Then] there's an attack on a subway and these killers come in wearing these Joe Carroll masks. The masks become kind of metaphorical, because people keep a certain mask in their exterior life that sometimes belies who they are on the inside. That's what you find out about Ryan: He is not actually as together as he seems."

3. Meet Ryan's New Love Interest

"He's someone who has shut his heart down and he is starting to open up his mind to the possibility that maybe there would be room for love in his life. He's immediately drawn to Connie [Nielsen]'s character. She's beautiful and she is very different than him. She's really worldly and erudite and she's an international mystery. She is the victim of this first brutal attack and it's like he's just drawn to her like a magnet."

4. She Lets Us See A New Side Of Ryan

"It's always fun for me, on top of the obsession with the killer and the drinking and the violence and the physical nature of playing a guy that chooses a life in law enforcement, you also want to explore other colors [of the character.] One of the main colors that people have in their lives is the people that they're attracted to, sex, love -- these are things that are important to see in this character and I think his relationship with her allows us an opportunity to delve into that a little bit."

5. He's Baaaack

"Emma was one of the few survivors of Joe Carroll's cult and one of the last images we have from last year is of her with a completely different look, sitting in a coffee shop crying over the fact that Joe is dead. So, like anybody else in the show, the possibility that he could be alive becomes extremely interesting to her and she gets involved -- there's a new cult of killers and it's interesting to see these two cults collide."

6. More New Players

"We have Sam Underwood playing one of the creepiest characters I've ever seen in television or in the movies, and he is really, really enjoying it. He's really making a meal of being that kind of a bad guy, so that's gonna be exciting to see him.

"Tiffany Boone is, when we do finally see Joe, she has a relationship with him which is unusual and fascinating. [She] sort of becomes an adopted daughter of his."

7. Expect Plenty More Gruesome Death Scenes

"I'm constantly saying [to the writers]: 'You are some sick puppies, for sure.'"

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