'Fuckboy Lauv' Royally Screws Things Up For Lauv In His Colorful 'Sims' Video

Watch as he takes an 'Inside Out'-style adventure through his mind

"You ever feel like there are different versions of yourself inside your head?" Lauv asks at the onset of his new video for "Sims," which is actually billed as a "short film." From there, the singer-songwriter takes us on a journey through his mind that should look familiar to anyone who's tried to sort out all the competing voices running through their head (or to any fans of Inside Out).

As we witness Lauv's all-too-relatable inner monologue about posting something on Instagram, we're introduced to the mini versions of himself who live inside his head. Each one is denoted by a different color, and they trigger his actions in ways that sometimes make sense, and sometimes don't. As Lauv attempts to sort out the colorful web of thoughts inside his head, we see how a meet-cute with a girl in his apartment building plays out.

Does he screw it up, or does he manage to reign in "fuckboy Lauv" in time to make a good impression? Press play below to find out, and see the video as it airs all day long on mtvU and MTV Live.

Lauv's "Sims" video, along with the music and other visuals on his forthcoming debut album, ~how i'm feeling~, emphasize the message that we're all more than just one identity. He explained in a statement, "~how i'm feeling~ is about embracing personality and all its different aspects. I created 6 different characters represented by purple (existential Lauv), blue (hopeless romantic Lauv), green (goofy Lauv), yellow (positive Lauv), orange (fuckboy Lauv) and red (spicy Lauv™️), all of which make up my identity. ~how i'm feeling~ is the first time I'm embracing all the parts that make me who I am."

He added on Instagram, "This music video means everything to me. It explains the whole concept of the album and the different characters. Making it took my entire soul... plus it's also pretty funny. I'm so excited for the rest of this era."

~how i'm feeling~ arrives on March 6, 2020.