Here's A First-Look At Tim Burton's Eerie 'Miss Peregrine's' Adaptation

Hint: It's gonna be a <i>very</i> peculiar movie.

Tim Burton is ready to take us all to another one of his mysterious worlds -- this time, the one conceived by Ransom Riggs in his best-selling otherworldly novel "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children."

As fans of the extraordinary book no doubt remember, even in text form the story was filled with gobs of stirring imagery, mostly pictures of kids with otherworldly talents and features on display. So, this adaptation is one that comes with a whole new realm of built-in expectations.

But from the looks of these first set pics, Burton's just the guy to give cinematic life to the unique ambiance of this tale because we've got chills already and we have yet to glimpse the cast -- which is stacked with the likes of Asa Butterfield, Eva Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Judi Dench, Allison Janney, and Rupert Everett.

Take a peek at what we've seen so far.

This photo of a lamp covered in bugs really sets the tone of this shudder-inducing story.

The creepy-crawlies are going to come out to play, oh yes. And be sure to catch the freaky doll head there on the shelf. Eek!

The backdrop of this shot gives us shudders.

The scenery is supposed to be a tad unsettling, and lo, it sure is.

Here's the pub where Jacob stays when he's not off hanging out with peculiar children.

If you ask us, this is exactly how we pictured it when we were reading the story. YES.

And this is a bigger shot of the fictional town where all the magic'll happen.

Cairnholm, here we come!

Even the mood of this beach is just dreary enough.

A little gloom is good in this case.

Author Ransom Riggs found a giant carrot prop randomly lying on the set.

This ... sorta makes sense because pretty much anything goes at this mysterious orphanage.

And, of course, this avian-themed title treatment for the flick totally lets our imagination take flight.

Gotta appreciate the tail-detailing there with that creepy gothic castle silhouette.

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