Could This Six-Second Vine Be A Late Contender For Song Of The Summer?

Is this breakout hit the shortest summer jam ever?

It’s not Labor Day just yet, which means that the coveted title of Song of the Summer is still up for grabs -- and one intrepid Vine personality might just be closing in on the gold.

When Nicholas Fraser, a 21-year-old student from Queens, NY, reworked Next’s hit song “Too Close” into an Instagram bit, he had no idea it would blow up into the phenomenon it’s now become. Released just one week ago, the Vine version of the clip has been looped more than 18 million times.

In the video, Fraser changes the lyrics of “Too Close” into: “Why the f--k you lying? Why you always lying?” The caption reads, “When she say she got a cute friend for you,” but the clip has been applied to all sorts of liars and dirty, dirty cheats all across Twitter. It doesn’t hurt that Fraser’s dance moves are on point, either.

"That's how I usually am all the time,” Fraser said in an interview with Complex. "The way I was dancing, I do that all the time. It's weird. The part of the song where I say, ‘Mmmmmmmohmygod,' I've been saying that for so long."

Fraser’s sudden online popularity has apparently transcended into the IRL; according to a new Vine posted today, “Why You Always Lying” just got its first play in a nightclub as dozens of fans sang along.

Could this be the shortest Song of the Summer ever? I guess we’ll know by the end of the weekend.