This Woman Tried To Stalk Emma Stone At Dinner, And Got Adorably Photobombed Instead

Creeping has consequences.

As they've shown time and time again, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are not giant fans of people taking photos of their private relationship. They've resorted to putting signs over their heads to point paps to worthier causes in the past, but they clearly weren't armed with signage for the woman who tried to sneak a snap of them at dinner earlier this week...

... But no mind. This photobomb is even better:

"Ok, so... either I caught a great moment between #AndrewGarfield & #EmmaStone or I clearly got caught and I am officially FIRED as a paparazzi...," she wrote. (And to be clear, it's definitely the latter.)

But all joking aside, let's all agree to not resort to taking stalker-azzi pics of celebrities as they enjoy their private lives, and instead ask them if they'd be down to take a photo. A little bit of decency goes a long way, you know?