Go 'Back In Time' With The Awesome Trailer For A New 'Back To The Future' Documentary

'Doc Brown doesn't drive a f--king Mustang!'

There have been whispers of a "Back To The Future"-centric documentary since 2013, when a Kickstarter page and a potential trailer popped up on the web.

Now, we know the rumors are true -- and the project is much bigger than we could've dreamed of.



"Back In Time," a new film that examines the making of and huge legacy of the "Back To The Future" trilogy, will hit theaters next month. And the list of names who actually appear in the film is pretty intense.

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, executive producer Steven Spielberg, director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale are all interviewed, and so are other members of the cast and crew. Likewise are are people who've made "Back To The Future" a part of their lives in the past 30 years -- including a duo who restored the classic DeLorean and travel around the country with it to support Michael J. Fox's charity.

Watch the trailer below and get pumped.

"Back In Time" is out October 21, 2015 -- the exact day Doc, Marty and Jennifer arrive in the future in "Back To The Future II."