Spiritualized's Pierce Recovering After Brushes With Death

Space-rock captain, weighing 112 pounds, at home following three-week stay in London hospital.

Jason Pierce -- the oft-troubled mastermind behind spacey British rock act Spiritualized -- is recovering at his home following a three-week stay in a London hospital during which he was placed in intensive care and needed to be revived by doctors twice.

In a post on Spiritualized.com, Pierce's wife, Juliette, wrote on Tuesday that "after nearly dying twice in the last two and a half weeks, Jason has ... made an alarming and brilliant recovery and is due home today. He is still fragile and really weak, weighing in at maybe 8 stone [about 112 pounds] ... but love and happiness are on his side."

In an e-mail to MTV News, manager Marc Marot expounded on Pierce's illness and subsequent hospitalization.

"Jason contracted advanced periorbital cellulitis with bilateral pneumonia, with rapid deterioration [that] required intensive care ... for type 1 respiratory failure," he wrote. "It was, at best, touch-and-go for some time. The medical team at the Royal London Hospital twice revived him during the course of his intensive treatment."

Periorbital cellulitis is an infection of the soft tissue around the eye. It's usually caused by an infection that has spread from the membrane covering the eye -- pink eye, for example -- or from the nose and throat. That, coupled with bilateral pneumonia (pneumonia in both lungs), sent Pierce into respiratory failure.

In his 20-plus-year career (first with druggy psychedelic rockers Spacemen 3, then with Spiritualized), Pierce's ruminations on his own mortality, coupled with frank admissions of drug and alcohol abuse, have earned him a devoted fanbase around the world. At the time of his illness, Pierce had been working on a new Spiritualized album, which his label, Sanctuary Records, said is tentatively due next year. In her post, Pierce's wife wrote that the new Spiritualized songs stay in that vein, but strangely seemed to predict his impending illness.

"[Jason had] no thoughts about how lucky he is. He just mentioned how mad it is that his record is written almost like he was ill before," the post read. "Not that he's into ESP and stuff, just in the most beautiful way."

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