'Thriller' Is Way More Chilling When It's About High School, Exes And Tuition

IISuperwomanII gave Michael Jackson's song a 2015 makeover.

Lilly Singh, aka YouTube superstar IISuperwomanII, got in the Halloween spirit Thursday (Oct. 29) when she dropped a chilling cover of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' Singh changed the hit song's lyrics to transform it into a horror story about the modern terrors of 2015.

These include the following:

>> accidentally liking an ex's old Instagram pic

>> paying thousands of dollars for a college degree

>> not finding a job after getting said degree

>> when you do get a job, losing a chunk of your paycheck to taxes

In the video, which takes place in a high school, Miss Singh and her students sing about all of the above while confronting ~spooooky~ zombie versions of themselves. And there's obviously plenty of 'Thriller' dance moves in there, too. Check it out below.

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