Even Justin Bieber's Impressed By Madison Beer's 'Melodies' Video!

Madison Beer wows Justin Bieber in her "Melodies" music video.

What can Bieber say? Madison's got moxie!

Young up-and-comer Madison Beer's got such a Millennial Cinderella story: She was once just a regular teen with a YouTube account, and then Justin Bieber plucked her from obscurity by tweeting a link to one of the aspiring singer's videos. Soon, Madison signed with the Biebs' manager, Scooter Braun, and now she's got a video of her very own! And hey, "Melodies" even features a cameo from Bieber at the beginning! Full circle, y'all, full circle.

Watch Madison Beer's "Melodies" video featuring a cameo from Justin Bieber after the jump.

The clip opens with Justin watching one of Madison's YouTube videos with his longtime pal Ryan Butler (who you may recognize from the Bieber's epic segway photo), soon declaring: "She's gonna be a star. Trust me." The "Wait For A Minute" crooner then signs and sends a pair of his signature purple Beats headphones Madison's way. He sends us nothing.

Upon wearing those autographed headphones, Madison starts dancing in the streets and gets lost in her own little musical world, totally unaware that a sizable crowd of kids have begun to follow her Pied Piper-style.

It's only when her hometown's resident hunk channels his inner Ryan Gosling and is all "Hey, girl, take your headphones off" that she realizes what's even going on around her. Like all good things, Madison's video ends with confetti, but we can't wait to see where she continues with her career next.

+ Watch Madison Beer's "Melodies" video featuring a cameo from Justin Bieber.

Photo credit: Island Records / John Walker

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