'Spectre': James Bond Is Back In This Heart-Stopping New Trailer

I ex-spectre this to be great.

I'm sorry, did you think that the James Bond franchise could never live up to the sleek, stylish, Academy Award-winning romp that was "Skyfall?" Because if the first full-length trailer for "Spectre" can be used as an indicator, you're about to be proven very, very wrong:

In the film, a "cryptic message" from Bond's (Daniel Craig) past leads him to the criminal organization SPECTRE -- as well as a brand new villain, Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz). Of course, there will be numerous car chases, gun fights, and beautiful women (Monica Belluci and Léa Seydoux, this time around) along the way, though whether or not Oberhauser is actually the iconic cat-loving baddie Blofeld will probably remain a heavily-denied rumor until the film's release next fall. Oh well.

"Spectre" hits U.S. theaters on November 6.

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