Jennifer Lopez Would 'Love' To Have More Kids

After taking her twins on the set of 'The Back-Up Plan,' J.Lo thinks about expanding her family.

[artist id="508574"]Jennifer Lopez[/artist] has apparently mastered the art of balancing motherhood and show business. Her latest film, "The Back-Up Plan" (due next January) is her first project since [article id="1582106"]giving birth to twins Emme and Max[/article] in February 2008. But already she's pondering the possibility of expanding her family with husband Marc Anthony.

"I would love to have more kids," she said in an interview with "Extra." "I don't know if we will. I don't know if that's in the cards for us. But we'll see."

Lopez admitted that although she loved being a stay-at-home mom at first, she was ready to return to work. Lucky for her, she got to take the twins with her. "They've been with me almost every day on the set," she said. "I don't think they realize what I do. Once in a while, they look at the monitor and go, 'Mama.' They're just starting to talk."

It's not just acting that she's consumed with, either. Last month, [article id="1613887"]Lopez told MTV News[/article] that she's still very much focused on her music career, though her twins have been a strong influence on her in that department.

"I worked on music while I was pregnant and while I was at home, but now to really get into it and focus on it and to finish the project is exciting," Lopez said.

Marc Anthony also has some other plans before more babies come into the picture. The singer recently acquired a minority interest in the Miami Dolphins, and is reportedly moving to Miami to be closer to the action.

Although this busy family has quite a bit on their plate, it doesn't stand in their way. Lopez credits motherhood for making her a stronger person. "You just mature so quickly in such a deep way and you think life is short and you have to just go for things," she told "Extra." "You can't be afraid to try or do your best. ... Just do it, and that's the example I want to set for my children as well. It's like you can do anything. The only thing that ever holds us back is fear. It's a useless emotion."