Usher Sues Tommy Hilfiger Over Film Ads

While R&B singer Usher is enjoying the holiday season monitoring the box office returns of his new film, "The Faculty," the vocalist has just filed a million dollar lawsuit against fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

In a lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, Usher claims that the designer overused his image during its recent ad campaign in support of "The Faculty.

In several court documents, Usher -- who uses his given name, Usher Raymond -- contends that the misuse of his likeness in the ads amounts to an implied false endorsement for Tommy Hilfiger for which he has not been adequately compensated. The suit also seeks compensation for having Usher's publicity rights intentionally breached.

The suit seeks approximately $1 million in damages against Hilfiger, as well as a court-ordered injunction preventing the designer from using any further images of Usher in any of its ad campaigns.

No court date has been set yet in the civil case,

but we'll keep you posted.

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