Watch The 'Rising Star' Set Video Kesha's 'Not Supposed To' Instagram

Her rapport with fellow expert Brad Paisley. SO CUTE.

Even though we've still got a couple more days to go until ABC's "Rising Star" premieres this Sunday (June 22), that won't stop Kesha, who serves on the live-voting music competition's panel of experts, from giving us a sneak peek.

"I think I'm not supposed to do this," Kesha says to the camera, soon deciding: "I'm gonna do it anyway!" Moral quandaries -- who needs 'em!

There aren't any big spoilers revealed in the "Die Young" singer's video, Instagrammed late Monday night, unless you count the fact that "Rising Star" has a set with pretty lighting -- in which case, watch more TV.

Still, the real draw of the video is getting to see the artist formerly known as K-Dolla buddying it up with her fellow expert, country singer Brad Paisley. Just remember to stay in Kesha's good graces, Brad! Our girl is not one to be f--ked with.

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