Here’s What Kylie Jenner Looks Like Without A Speck Of Makeup

But her amazing phone case is the real highlight of this pic, TBH

How do you keep your millions of admirers on their toes when you’re a makeup mogul who wears a full face of products practically 24/7? Easy: you post a completely barefaced selfie that makes them double take in awe.

On Monday, bona fide cosmetics queen and super chill 18-year-old Kylie Jenner shared a makeup-free selfie captioned with a casual “Hello.”

OK, so ... if we’re all being honest here, there’s a definite shimmer on Kylie’s lips that suggests maybe she glossed pre-pic, but her eyes look clean of the usual heavy liner/shadow/mascara regimen. Honestly, none of that really matters, though, because the clear highlight of this pic isn’t Kylie’s somehow-still-flawless cheekbones, but her iPhone case printed with googly-eyed avocados. Surprisingly, the case retails at just $25 on Skinnydip, so snatch it up while it’s still in stock.

Oh, and if Kylie’s selfie somehow tricked you into thinking she’s FOREVER FINISHED with her beauty business domination, don’t worry: She went back to plugging her bankable lip line in no time. Whew.