Charlize Theron Talks Dirty About 'Sleepwalking,' 'Hancock' And How She Lost 'Showgirls'

It just so happens that this serious Oscar winner has a filthy mouth and a wicked sense of humor.

Don't be fooled by the serious subject matter of Charlize Theron's latest flick, "Sleepwalking." The statuesque star of "Monster" and "The Italian Job" likes to laugh, as you'll see in the conversation below.

MTV News caught up with the Oscar winner while she was promoting the film in which she co-stars alongside Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb and Dennis Hopper. Theron also produced the movie, a look at a trio of characters (Theron, Stahl and Robb) who must confront their lineage (in the form of a disturbing Hopper) and accept responsibility for the actions they take. (Here's our review of "Sleepwalking" after its Sundance screening.)

But again, that stuff sounds pretty sobering, whereas a chat with Theron is anything but. It can even turn X-rated.

MTV: Your co-star, Nick Stahl, has corroborated what I've heard before: that you have a filthy mouth. Care to comment?

Charlize Theron: This stuff gets me into trouble. Sometimes I find it hard to articulate my true emotions, and therefore, as a performer and as an actor I have to resort to filthy language. You heard it first right here.

MTV: Were you able to control yourself in the presence of your young co-star, AnnaSophia?

Theron: Yes, I try to be very responsible around her, and when I make mistakes and slip, I apologize profusely, and she is very forgiving. And that is why I liked working with her, because she did not judge me.

MTV: We aren't judging you either.

Theron: I feel a little judged right now. [Laughs.]

MTV: What would I have to do for you to start hurling expletives at me right now?

Theron: Well, you f---ing look at me like that one more time, I'm gonna f--- you up. [Laughs.] Look, that was just for show. I don't really speak that way at all.

MTV: Audrina from "The Hills" was at your premiere the other night, so now it can be told. You are a huge fan of the show and friends with all of them, right?

Theron: [Confused.] What?

MTV: Do you know about "The Hills"?

Theron: "The Hills"?

MTV: "The Hills." You don't. OK. It's all good.

Theron: I do not know what "The Hills" are. Oh, now you're going to make me look like the old fart. God, you're a mother----er! Unbelievable! You're supposed to make me look like the cool movie star! Come on! Get with it! What is "The Hills"?

MTV: "The Hills" is a reality show that is very popular.

Theron: On MTV? I'm so sorry. I will try to watch that.

MTV: We'll send you a DVD. I'll bet AnnaSophia watches.

Theron: [Sarcastically] Well, then maybe you should have saved that question for her! [Laughs.]

MTV: OK, let me take you back down memory lane. Is it more disturbing to get into the head of someone like Aileen Wuornos in "Monster," or to do a sex scene with James Spader [in "2 Days in the Valley"]?

Theron: You are a dark man. Are you in therapy? You know what? I don't know what to say to that. You're pretty amazing. I have not been speechless yet. I'm really impressed.

MTV: Here's a random unsubstantiated rumor I found on the Internet: You were almost cast in "Showgirls." True?

Theron: You read it in the bible of truth. Why are you even asking me?

MTV: I want to hear it from the source.

Theron: It was the second audition I ever went to. From what I hear, they really liked me. I think the talks fell through with the actress [Elizabeth Berkley] that ended up doing it, and so they reopened it up and started casting it again, and that's when I came in. And then they somehow sorted out that deal. But at some point [director] Paul [Verhoeven] was interested in me doing it, yeah.

MTV: I'm pretty excited to see [article id="1568596"]"Hancock"[/article] this summer. You and Will Smith in a unique take on a superhero story. Rumor has it that you get some superhero action in it.

Theron: Oh, I get superhero action! Oh, yeah.

MTV: I meant, are you a superhero at any point?

Theron: Oh, no. I just get some superhero action. That's much better than being a superhero. And superhero action by Will Smith? You can't get any better than that. I was like, where do I sign? I just recently saw it. It's really an original film. [Director] Peter Berg really did something that I haven't seen before, so I'm very excited to be a part of it. I love it. It kind of flips off the whole idea of genre. You couldn't categorize it into any genre.

MTV: You worked again with Jason Bateman in it. There's talk of an "Arrested Development" movie. Are you in?

Theron: Oh, really? [Sarcastically] Not if he's in it. Dear God. Yeah, he's a talentless hack. I don't get it at all. Cute, tight a-- though. It's like it's on a shelf. But zero talent.

MTV: Is it true you are going to produce and star in a remake of "Lady Vengeance"?

Theron: Yeah, I'm very excited about it. We're in the very early stages of developing it right now, but I'm a huge fan of director Park Chan-Wook. I really love that whole trilogy, but really love that last one.

MTV: He's got quite a style and a fervent following. It's going to be a tall order to remake that.

Theron: We're intimidated almost beyond belief. He made an almost perfect film. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't for him and his encouragement. He came to me and said he really wanted us to do this. He didn't want to direct it. He really wanted to see that story told in an American society. If he wasn't so encouraging, I don't think I could go through with it. It'll be a different director.

MTV: Very cool. Looking forward to it. Thanks so much.

Theron: A--hole! [Laughs.]

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