6 Times Our Jaws Dropped During The 'My Super Sweet 16' Episode Featuring Lil Wayne's Daughter

Thanks to Reginae Carter, MTV's beloved series returned with countless 'OMG' moments.

Fact: Birthdays are so much better when you're a member of hip-hop royalty. Case in point? The epic b-day celebration of Reginae Carter -- aka Lil' Wayne's one-and-only daughter -- on last night's episode of "My Super Sweet 16."

"I'm daddy's little girl, and he showers me with anything I want," she admitted. "I'm gonna shut Atlanta down."

And that most certainly happened: After more than six years off the air -- with Reginae's help -- MTV's beloved reality series once again stole the spotlight thanks to the show's trademark over-the-top cryfests, dating drama and party-planning extravaganza.

So, without further ado, check out the super-sweet moments from Reginae's bash that had everyone talking:

When Lil' Wayne couldn't figure out FaceTime


Super Sweet 16 - Lil Wayne

In one of the episode's most hilarious (and touching) moments, Reginae and Weezy catch up during a bonding session, but not before Reginae critiques her proud pop's less-than-impressive tech game. "Daddy, you FaceTime like an old man," she says. "Why are you so close to the camera?"

When the birthday girl (literally) got caught in the middle of a messy love triangle

What's a party without some boy drama? When she learned that close pal (err, frenemy?) Emily was possibly hooking up with her ex-BF Jadarius (Young Jeezy's son), Reginae wanted to set the record straight at a bowling alley get-together, where she caught Emily and Jadarius "looking like a knockoff Ariana Grande and Big Sean." Yikes.

When Nicki Minaj almost missed the celebration

The "Super Bass" songstress was set to make a secret appearance, but thanks to a missed airline connection, the surprise came thisclose to being ruined.

When Reginae's BFFs started a war of words with her stylist


Super Sweet 16 - Reginae friends

Reginae brought in her two closest friends -- Lourdes and Ian -- to help brainstorm party ideas and outfits, but not without a little drama. When her stylist Jeremy gave suggestions, Lourdes offered up some snarky commentary, causing some extremely awkward tension. "I don't know why Jeremy is coming for me," Lourdes admitted in a confessional. "He needs to come for someone else's clothes up in here 'cuz they are a mess. Like him."

When the crowd was treated to an exclusive reveal of Reginae's new single

In addition to being a straight-A student, Reginae is also an aspiring singer. The 16-year-old is signed to her dad's Young Money label, so of course, she planned a special performance -- complete with uber-hot backup dancers.

When Lil' Wayne surprised his daughter with not one, but TWO cars

A BMW and a Ferrari? Um, Weezy, our birthday's coming up soon... (Just sayin.')

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