Deftones' Chino Moreno: "I'm Not 'Pony 1'"

The Deftones' frontman wants everyone to know that he's still just Chino Moreno.

It's no secret that Moreno laid down guest vocals on the song "Bender," from Sevendust's recently released album, "Home" (see [article id="1427994"]"Deftones' Chino Teaming With Sevendust For New Album"[/article]). The liner notes to the album, though, credits the vocals to the mysteriously named "Pony 1," which has led to fans circulating the now-rampant rumor that "Pony 1" will be the vocalist's new handle. Not so.

Moreno said in a statement that he decided to come up with a pseudonym for the Sevendust credits, but admitted that "Pony 1" wasn't even what he chose to go with.

I told them to put 'Pony Wong' since Wong is my middle name," he said, pointing out that a miscommunication led to "Wong" becoming "1.

He added, "The whole rumor thing made the title [of the album] 'The White Pony' an obvious choice.

The White Pony," with liner notes presumably

crediting the band members by their given names, is scheduled for release in the early spring.

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