11 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About 'Full House'

You want trivia? You got it, dude.

Everywhere you look, people are still completely obsessed with "Full House." So with a "Full House" revival on the way in 2016, it's about time you brushed up on your Tanner family facts.

We've got 11 mind-blowing facts that will make "Full House" fans giddy with 90s nostalgia, minus the annoying laugh track. And if you don't like it, well, go pin a rose on your nose.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins.


Michelle Tanner on '

Even the most eagle-eyed fans had trouble telling twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen apart on the show, but did you know MK + A aren't even identical twins? They're fraternal. Not only does Ashley have a freckle above her lip, but she's also right-handed, while Mary-Kate is left-handed. This explains why Michelle appeared to be ambidextrous throughout the run of show, eating and writing with both hands.

To make matters more confusing for viewers, Mary-Kate and Ashley shared a credit as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen through most of the show's run because producers didn't want the audience to know Michelle was being played by two actresses. How rude! They are two people, you know.

Ashley Olsen can thank John Stamos for her job.

Ashley Olsen

By the time season six started production, Mary-Kate and Ashley started to look so different that audiences could actually tell them apart. Producers considered giving Mary-Kate the role of Michelle Tanner full-time, until Stamos, the ultimate MK+A stan, put his foot down. He didn't want Ashley to leave the show because of the Olsen twins' growing popularity. Pretty nice of him considering he once got the Olsen twins fired from the show for crying too much back in season one.

Speaking of Olsen twin lore, rumor has it that Mary-Kate was the one who got most of Michelle's funnier scenes, while Ashley excelled at the more serious moments.

Uncle Jesse was almost Uncle Adam.

uncle jesse hi

Ew. When John Stamos signed onto "Full House," his character's name was-- wait for it-- Adam Cochran. Thankfully, his first named was changed to Jesse before the pilot aired, and Stamos later requested that his last name become Katsopolis to reflect his Greek heritage.

Only one episode was ever filmed in San Francisco.


The season eight episode "Comet's Excellent Adventure" is the only episode actually taped in San Francisco. All of the exterior shots of San Francisco for the series' run were filmed in one day. The rest were filmed in Los Angeles.

John Posey was the original Tanner family patriarch.


John Posey and Bob Saget in the intro for

Comedian John Posey was originally hired for the role of Danny Tanner, but unfortunately for him -- and fortunately for Bob Saget -- he was replaced after filming the pilot. Posey was in the middle of moving to Los Angeles for his big TV break when he heard the news. Yikes. Sorry, pal.

"Full House" was filmed on the "Wonder Woman" stage.



"Full House" was filmed on the same soundstage as the iconic 70s series "Wonder Woman." And later, it would become home to one of the biggest shows of the 90s (and possibly ever), NBC's "Friends."

Van Atta Junior High was named after a very important person.

Kimmy and DJ

DJ Tanner and her BFF Kimmy Gibbler attended the fictional Van Atta Junior High, which was actually named after "Full House" producer Don Van Atta. He was later bumped up to co-executive producer during the show's final two seasons.

"Full House" was almost picked up for a season nine...


On the WB! Despite the Frog network's best efforts, Stamos and Candace Cameron were both reluctant to sign up for another season, and the deal eventually fell through.

"Full House" was originally going to be a very different show.

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

For starters, it wasn't even called "Full House." The original title of the series was "House of Comics" because the idea was to have comedians Bob Saget and Dave Coulier living in a house together. But the network pulled the plug on that idea and opted for something more family-oriented. TBH, it was for the best because now we have Uncle Jesse in our lives.

Bob Saget got the first and last lines of the entire series.



Comet was also known as Air Bud.


The Tanner family pet was a pretty famous doggy actor. Aside from playing Comet the dog in all six seasons of "Full House," the friendly canine also starred in the 1997 classic "Air Bud." He was even nominated for a Kid's Choice Award in 1998. What a talented pooch!

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