Debby Ryan’s Sweet Message For Her 'Jessie' Co-Star Will Make You Miss The Ross Siblings

Ravi’s an adult now, but Jessie will always have his back

Though it hasn't been too long since Jessie finished its four-season run on Disney Channel, we still get all the feels whenever the cast connects in some way. On Wednesday (January 18), Karan Brar, who played sweet Ravi Ross on the show, celebrated his 18th birthday and is now officially an adult.

Having played his nanny for years, Debby Ryan wished her former co-star a happy birthday and let everyone know she'll always look out for him — so haters better watch themselves.

Brar, who now stars on Bunk'd, received precious birthday messages from two of his TV siblings: Cameron Boyce (Luke) and Skai Jackson (Zuri). The latter shared a throwback pic of the duo, captioning, "Happy 18th Birthday to my 'brother' of almost 6 years!" D'aww.

Boyce posted a pic of Brar at the Sydney Botanical Gardens in Australia. "So glad I was with you to watch you dramatically walk into adulthood," he captioned. "Happy birthday Karan. The world is yours."

On Twitter, Brar thanked his bro "for traveling half way around the world to celebrate" his special day. As one fan accurately pointed out, "This is the best friendship in the world."

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