Aaliyah's Brother Steps In To Finish Her Lines In Vampire Flick

Late singer's brother Rashad to overdub some lines that were difficult to understand.

After months of speculation regarding the fate of the film "The Queen of the

Damned," Aaliyah's family has told Time magazine that in February the late singer

will definitely grace the silver screen as Akasha, the 6,000-year-old

vampire, thanks to her brother Rashad, who will overdub her final bits of


Aaliyah had completed all of her scenes for the

film when she died in a plane crash in the Bahamas in August while

shooting the video for "Rock the Boat," which was released in October (see [article id="1448402"]"Aaliyah Killed In Plane Crash"[/article]).

While all of her acting was complete, some of her lines needed to be

redone because the Egyptian accent of her character was occasionally

difficult to understand. So Rashad, who has a similarly mellifluous voice,

re-recorded a small portion of his sister's dialogue, which will be blended

with Aaliyah's original lines.

"The Queen of the Damned," directed by Michael Rymer ("In Too Deep"), is based

on the third novel in Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" series and follows

the 1994 film "Interview With the Vampire," which starred Tom Cruise and Brad

Pitt. "The Queen of the Damned" stars Stuart Townsend ("Wonderland") as the

vampire Lestat, who returns as a snarling, fist-raising rock star. Korn

frontman Jonathan Davis co-wrote and recorded five songs for the film, but

his record contract forbids him from using his voice on the soundtrack (see

[article id="1451248"]"Korn's Davis Uses Stunt Double For Vampire Movie Soundtrack"[/article]). So, he's trained ex-Yngwie Malmsteen belter Jeff Scott Soto to mimic his voice for the

record. The soundtrack may also include previously released music by


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