13 Times Rowan Blanchard Gave Your Feminist Heart The Swoonies

Shout out to one of our favorite feminist lil sisters!

Rowan Blanchard is a successful, intelligent young woman who stars in her own TV show, fights for amazing social causes and maintains a bomb-ass 10/10-would-follow again Tumblr -- And, like, have we mentioned that she's ONLY THIRTEEN?!

" text="This Teenage ‘Girl Meets World’ Star’s Powerful Views On Feminism Will Blow You Away"]

Because day-um. Along with being everything we wish we'd been in middle school, the "Girl Meets World" star is just one of the awesome young ladies (*cough* Amandla Stenberg *cough*) who impress with their intelligence and empathy whenever a social issue comes up. If your heart nearly burst into glitter confetti after reading her short instagram essay on intersectional feminism, you'll lose it when you see what else she's been up to.

When she's hella smart and sincere (spoiler: Always.)

Blanchard, at 13, has proven that she can value her brains, talent and beauty all at once without sacrificing who she really is. (And we're sure she'll kill it at Columbia, someday.)

When she rolls with an amazing online crew.

Like so many other girls, Blanchard has found a community of brilliant and funny feminist folks on Tumblr who want to change the world. Her Tumblr covers all the intersectional feminist and activist bases (along with aesthetic and dog pics).

When she just wants you to be okay.

Blanchard has turned her Tumblr into the cuddliest of safe spaces for her followers. She spreads the good word of positivity, equality and empathy when we all need it most.

When she loves Nicki like we love Nicki.

She knows a social justice BAE when she sees one.

When she shares some real beauty secrets.

YAS. Blanchard already knows that loving and supporting one another is the real key to being beautiful. #FeministBeautyHack

When she shouts-out our other fave Malala.

"Thank you for everything you have done to fight for equal education and feminism," Blanchard wrote to Malala Yousafzai on her birthday via instagram. "It is because of you that I know that my voice is powerful and important." [Heart eyes emoji]

When she puts the slut-shaming bulls--t to bed.

Ain't nobody got time for slut-shaming. We're too busy being #SISTERS

When she wants us all to be our bestest, smartest selves.

As an advocate for education, Blanchard remains optimistic that giving everyone better opportunities will make us all better in the end.

When she loves our faces and wants us to do the same.

All the self-love forever!

When she speaks up and out.

Blanchard gave a speech as part of the HeForShe campaign sharing her thoughts on gender equality and youth. From the moments that made her into a feminist, the gender gap in STEM and the ways younger girls' are taught to think about their bodies -- Blanchard sees exactly what she wants to change about inequality.

When she offers some quiet social media solidarity.

During times of tragedy it's hard to know what to say. But, like any best friend knows, sometimes it's just about being there and letting the people who are hurting know how much you love them. Along with knowing the true meaning of intersectionality, Rowan knows what it really means to be an ally.

When she just gets it.

Even if we're not 100% sure what "it" is (feminism, life, personhood?), she just totally gets it.

musk ox

Don't let the world change you, Rowan.

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