‘Happy Sad Confused,’ With Taran Killam And David Oyelowo

Killam talks ‘Star Wars,’ imitating Christoph Waltz, and directing Arnold Schwarzenegger

Welcome to podcasting history. This week, “Happy Sad Confused” welcomes two April Fools’ Day babies as Josh’s guests, surely a first in the annals of the medium.

First up is Taran Killam, whose eclectic career has included six memorable seasons on Saturday Night Live, a surprising appearance in 12 Years a Slave, and now a Broadway run in Hamilton.

Killam lives up to his nerd reputation in this conversation that goes deep into Star Wars (including the tongue-in-cheek audition tape he made for the Han Solo movie), how to properly imitate Christoph Waltz, what it’s like to direct Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a detailed pitch for the superhero movie he desperately wants to star in.

Later in the show, David Oyelowo visits Josh to talk about his starring role in the true-life romantic drama A United Kingdom (out this Friday). Oyelowo also talks about his remarkable performance in Selma and why Idris Elba has his vote to be the next James Bond. He even sings a little power ballad, just to show off his range.

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