Harry Styles Just Wants Everyone To Know He’s Really Good At Juggling

Please watch Harry Styles juggle

Fresh off the release of his debut self-titled album, Harry Styles already wants you to know about a second hidden talent he's been eager to share with the world.

After delivering James Corden's opening monologue in his perfect northern English accent, Harry also took over The Late Late Show's “Side Effects” segment, whose topics were all germane to his career as a solo artist.

He knows he's very good at singing and being adorable. He's been practicing those skills for years. And he's even gotten good at sulking sexily when the occasion arises. But there's one more thing he's super good at that he's never gotten to show off before: juggling.

Juggling three Red Delicious apples, to be exact. After dropping a huge hint that he would love to be asked about his juggling skills, the Late Late Show audience finally acquiesced and cheered him on. Luckily, he had three apples ready to go, and proved just how high he could juggle them.

Harry Styles: pop icon, true cutie, and secret juggler. Who knew?

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