How Many Times Did Jake Miller Makeout With A Grandma? He Tells All About His ‘Dazed And Confused’ Video

'It was a little awkward,' Jake said of the kiss.

Jake Miller may be "Dazed and Confused," but it's crystal clear that his latest video is quirky, colorful and so much fun.

The up-and-comer dropped the video Tuesday (March 31) -- in which the singer literally gets knocked out by the girl of his dreams -- along with the dates of his upcoming "Dazed and Confused" Tour. It all kicks off July 8 in Sayreville, New Jersey, and includes openers Jasmine V and Alex Angelo.

The video -- after the KO -- is basically a dazed and confused ride, featuring singing fruit, Austin Mahone, a verse by Travie McCoy and lots of dancing. It all ends with Jake getting a big wet kiss from a grandma.

So how did Jake get Austin in the video? How many times did he have to do the kiss scene? And did he really fall on those marbles? Well, we hopped on the phone with him earlier today and had him break down some of the key scenes in the video.

Bag Boy Throwback

Jake's video is all about having a "sense of humor," so he "thought it would be cool" if he threw on his old bag boy uniform and got back behind the cashier, just like he did when he worked at Publix. BTW, wasn't he just the cutest kid ever?!

Acting Debut


Jake shows off his actings skills for the very first time and, we have to say, he did pretty good job -- even though he was a little nervous (and we would be too if over one hundred people were watching). "The first few takes were a little rough for me, but as I eased into it and got more comfortable, it was a lot of fun. After the first few takes it was smooth sailing," he said.

Slipping And Sliding


If you were wondering if Jake really did fall on the marbles, he did, "two or three times," and it really hurt. "I tried falling, I dove sideways into the aisle and I hurt my arm really bad," he said.

Austin Mahone Cameo


Your eyes were not deceiving you, that is Austin Mahone. The "MMM Yeah" singer, who is also from Miami, just happened to be home and Jake called him up -- since they've been "buddies for a long time" -- and asked him if he "wanted to swing by."

Travie McCoy's Special Feature


Jake's looked up to the Gym Class Heroes frontman his whole life, so to have the "very low key and humble dude" on set and on his song is something that's really special to Jake.

Seal It With A Kiss

gma kiss

Jake ended the video with a big kiss scene... with a grandma. Not only was the kiss, which he did three or four times, "a little awkward," but this adorable little old lady "didn't speak one word of English," he said.

"It was definitely something I've never done before, kissing a grandma, but I think it was a perfect little ending for the video to make it a little quirky and weird and make people laugh," he added.

Jake's Girlfriend Makes A Cameo

jake gf

Jake's long-time GF, Madison Bertini, was not only on-hand for the shoot, she also made a cameo in the scene where Jake gets kissed by the grandma... sort of. If you look really closely, you can see her pants in this shot. Apparently they "needed an extra so she hopped in the back," he said.